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I am a member of an online netwroking site. I was spending some time following links from friend to frind today when I noticed something disturbing. There are 3 people that come up very frequently on my links (or in other words they are friends of my friends), and I have never met them. I read their profiles, and found where we have all sorts of things in common. But I don't know these people! I have never seen them, heard of them, etc. I feel like they must live in some sort of alternate universe. What else could possibly explain all of our connections and yet anonymity to each other at the same time?
Earlier this week I hd 2 job interviews, plus a phone interview. Now, NOTHING. Its been 3 days of silence. I have applied to over 50 jobs, primarily in the DC area, in the past week. You would think I would get more than just 3 responses from 50 applications! I blame the internet. All these search engines have made it so easy to apply for jobs that now instead of only…