Monday, February 21, 2005

Happy Presidents Day.
I am enjoying my three day weekend by doing as little as possible. So far I have succeeded. The past week has just been a nice normal week with some extra time to catch up with friends. For about the past year my friends and I have been doing something we call the Ethnic Dinner Night. We pick a restaurant based solely on reviews and ethnicity and go there. We have had a lot of fun and success with this in the past. This month we chose an Afghan restaurant with rave reviews in Georgetown. Much to our surprise, when we got there the restaurant was gone. Packed, boarded up, and gone. Keep in mind we had called ahead to make reservations. The night wasn't ruined though. We just picked a similar restaurant a few doors down and had a fun night there instead. Everyone was a good sport considering the cold and delayed time.
Today I am off to join some girlfriends to see "Bride and Prejudice." Anyone who knows me probably already knows what a huge "Pride and Prejudice" fan I am. I'm looking forward to an afternoon out with the girls.
Have a great week!

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