Friday, February 04, 2005

The week in Miami has been fun, successful, and long. On Thursday we toured 8 hotels, 1 restaurant, the convention center, and a special events venue. I was able to pick the perfect hotel for our group. My first choice is the National Hotel in South Beach. Its close to the convention center, has a great outdoor bar, a couple of restaurants, and a totally unique personality. For my boys that are going on this trip- BRING YOUR WIVES. They will love this place!!! We're in a great location, right off restaurant row with tons of shopping they can walk to. You will love it, they will love it, and they will love you for bringing them!
We've seen all sorts of things here in Miami. Its a fun city with lots to do and see. And the weather just makes it that much more fun! I can't wait to come back in September.
Below you will find the pictures of the hotel I picked. Also, a few pics from other hotels. We also toured Parrot Jungle Island. Its basically a little tropical zoo in the middle of town. It has special events capabilities, which is why we were there. I had fun meeting a few of the animals up close and personal. I took a few pictures and posted them for the benefit of some of my littler friends who will love them!
I'm looking forward to getting back to DC and my real life tomorrow. Its been a fun trip, but 12 days on the road is a bit much. Its raining here in Miami today, so I won't be hanging out on the beach. But its still 78 degrees!!! I love Florida!!

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