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Happy Easter Sunday

Happy Easter All!
It is Easter Morning, and I am sitting around enjoying my newly decorated apartment. In a rare occurence, I woke up before noon on a Sunday. So now I just sit and wait for church at 1. Today is the first time I will attend my "family ward." The singles congregation I have been attending for 10 years has decided to enforce the age limits for the ward (21-30 yrs old). I technically have a few months left I could have attended the ward. But I still clearly remember when I was the youngest girl in the ward. And somehow the thought of becoming the oldest girl in the ward depresses me. So since most of the "older people" are leaving the ward this week, I thought it would be a good time to exit too. So today I start attending the geographically assigned ward I fall into. Ironically, it is the Arlington Ward- the ward I was born in. If getting too old for a singles ward wasn't depressing enough, going back to the ward I was born in, is depre…

The Pictures from the Beehive State Tour

I got the pictures back today from the big Utah trip. It was a fun trip, and its great to see the pictures and memories.
In other fun news this week, Juli and I both wrote solo articles! Juli's story ran on Here is the direct link to her story. I wrote an extra article for Meridian, which should run as the cover story on Friday. But its Meridian, you never know when details may change. And we are both continuing to work on other solo projects, the second book, the weekly column, and oh yeah, launching the first book! We ordered tee shirts and pens this week to help promo our new book. We're very excited for our book launch party on April 16. Just a few more days and we'll be bonafide authors!
In other Insane Ideas by Erin, I decided to paint my living room and dining room red. Yes, red. Bright red, you can't miss it, RED. Everyone who heard me talk about this should have known bett…

Uncle Scott and Nephews

Another picture of Uncle Scott playing with his nephews. And showing off.
Dallin holding his brand new baby! (and sporting a brand new buzz cut) Dallin loves to hold his baby.
Tell Gresko just kicking back in the back seat.
Top Left- Cousin Zach Speed, his nephew Dallin Speed (what were the odds of 2 Dallins in the same extended family?), Uncle Glenn Speed. Bottom Left- Jamie Speed, her husband (and my cousin) Ben Speed, Ben is holding Baby Porter, and me! (Natalie was holding the camera.)
Each nephew got to pick out a present from Auntie Erin Annie at Toys R Us. Baby Porter picked out the bunny ears all by himself. He may hate this picture when he's older, but until then- how cute is he??
Dallin "I'm Not a Baby" Gresko in a box. I love this picture because it reminds me of all the times his mother would cheat at hide and seek by hiding in boxes or luggage [when we were Dallin sized]. Natalie wouldn't just hide in a closet. She would hide in a shoebox in a closet. Looks like Dallin takes after his mother in more ways than one.
A few weeks before Aunt Erin went out to visit Uncle Scott went to visit. Here's a great shot of Uncle Scott showing off his muscles for the nephews (who think Scott walks on water, or can at least benchpress a trillion pounds).
Brother Dallin kissing little Porter.
Big Brother Tell giving Baby Porter a kiss. Mommy looks a little grossed out. I'm sure there is a good reason why!

Everyone Loves an Irish Girl

Apparently everyone loves an Irish girl. I have a tee shirt to prove it. It says it in green letters with a sparkly green shamrock in the middle. And if its on a tee shirt, it must be true!
This has been another one of those weeks where the reader mail Juli and I get truly boggles my mind. Most of our reader mail is simple responses agreeing, or outright disagreeing, with something we said. But this week we managed to get some off the wall letters again. (thankfully no proposals in them) It was a potpourri week, with multiple subjects covered in the column, so the responses were varied. One of the funniest things to me about our mail are the letters signed "anonymous." Their names are at the top of the page right next to their email addresses. I guess some people forget that your name goes out with your emails. It was always cracks me up. Well, this week we got a very emotional letter from a man explaining why he hasn't married yet. He abbreviated his problem…
A realistic picture of Dallin and Tell. I love my boys!
Dallin and Tell in a rare moment of brotherly love and all dressed up for church.

The Beehive State

On Thursday I flew out to Utah to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and nephews. It had been over a year since I last saw the Gresko family. In addition to baby holding, baby hugging, baby kissing, and nephew tickling, I visited Covenant Communications (publisher of the upcoming great new novel "Beyond Perfection"), and a few friends and cousins.
Thursday night when I arrived I pulled out presents to bribe nephews Tell (age 5) and Dallin (age 3) into humoring me. Tell was the recipient of a blue Spiderman and the Justice League t-shirt, while Dallin got a Spiderman and the Justice League pajamas. Dallin is rather attached to a yellow Spidey shirt, always worn with shorts, and Spidey snowboots. So when he willingly stripped down to try on his new jammies, I was quite pleased. Of course, two seconds later Dallin took off the jammies and put the tried and true yellow shirt back on. I must admit the jammies did go quite well with his snowboots. Baby Porter (age 7 weeks…

My Fans?

Every week I write a column with my girlfriend, Juli, for Meridian Magazine. ( )Our column is about singles and dating, but not necessarily read by only singles. In fact we think that more than half of our readers are married grandpas. If the response letters we get are any indication, most of our readers have 9 grandchildren each, and have all been happily married for 35 years.

Oh, and they all seem to know a nice young man that maybe I should meet.

I never quite know what we/I should do when we get these letters from readers. There had been a break for a while, but suddenly in the past few weeks I have received several letters (always addressed to me, not Juli) letting me know that somewhere in the world there is a man that this complete stranger thinks I should meet.

I guess on the bright side readers are 'connecting' enough with what we write to feel like they know me/us, and feel they can just say whatever to u…

IACP Hotel Lottery- We got the Raleigh!

The verdict is in! Beretta will be staying at the Raleigh Hotel in Miami for the IACP show in September. This was not one of the hotels I toured in January. (It was booked, so they couldn't show us the inside.) However, I have all the wonderful details on this hotel, and you can click on the link to learn more about it.
The Raleigh is a boutique hotel in the art deco district, walking distance to the convention center, and right on the ocean. I'm very excited for this hotel, and think everyone will love it! A few pictures are below.
Amenities- wireless high speed, in room safes, outdoor dining area, a beautiful terrace, cabanas, 24 hr room service (as if I didn't feed everyone enough on these trips), and beautiful guest rooms. Oh and there is even wireless internet by the pool! Plus there's all that normal stuff like a business center, restaurants, etc. (the stuff we'll actually use)
Now everyone cross your fingers there …
The front of the Raleigh hotel! Its just beautiful, and walking distance to the convention center.
Raleigh Pool- round building in the background is the Tiki Bar. This pool was once the site of Hollywood Water Ballets. See the website for more!