Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Beehive State

On Thursday I flew out to Utah to visit my sister, brother-in-law, and nephews. It had been over a year since I last saw the Gresko family. In addition to baby holding, baby hugging, baby kissing, and nephew tickling, I visited Covenant Communications (publisher of the upcoming great new novel "Beyond Perfection"), and a few friends and cousins.
Thursday night when I arrived I pulled out presents to bribe nephews Tell (age 5) and Dallin (age 3) into humoring me. Tell was the recipient of a blue Spiderman and the Justice League t-shirt, while Dallin got a Spiderman and the Justice League pajamas. Dallin is rather attached to a yellow Spidey shirt, always worn with shorts, and Spidey snowboots. So when he willingly stripped down to try on his new jammies, I was quite pleased. Of course, two seconds later Dallin took off the jammies and put the tried and true yellow shirt back on. I must admit the jammies did go quite well with his snowboots. Baby Porter (age 7 weeks) was the adorable little recipient of several outfits.
At some point on Thursday night I made Tell a simple offer to take him to Toys R us to let him pick out a real present. Needless to say, first thing Friday morning a little face was in mine at the crack of dawn "Can we go to get toys now?" We managed to get to Toys R us 5 minutes before it even opened. Within minutes Tell had picked out a helopad set thing, and Dallin was talked into picking out a Spidey scooter. Porter may not have had much say in his presents but I gave him a few things too. My favorite is a cute little bunny ears hat. It was fun to watch the boys run around and play with their new toys. Next time, I buy presents that I can play with them too.
Other fun events over the weekend included a lunch with the folks from Covenant. We discussed the upcoming novel Juli and I wrote. Its crazy to think that the book will be out in just 3 more weeks! It will be one year tomorrow that we submitted the first manuscript to Covenant. And now, after a million re-writes, and a lot of chocolate, they are putting a cover on it and calling it a book. I'm sure I'll blog about it when it finally hits the shelves.
Friday afternoon we took the world's cutest nephews to the zoo. Tell walked around the zoo holding a map attempting to give us directions and "be the man." Dallin happily held my hand, or sat in the underbasket on Porter's stroller (a habit I've never quite understood) the entire time. The boys were very well behaved the whole day! At the end of the day we found a fake cave, with a "rock" outside. (the cave was also the prairie dog exhibit) Tell and Dallin spent a good portion of the afternoon attempting to climb the wall. They have the scratches to prove it!
Natalie and I spent the weekend doing what sisters do- shopping, talking, and eating chocolate. And believe me, there was a lot of all three! Saturday we went to downtown SLC to check out the LDS Conference Center. I really wasn't interested in it at first, but during the tour I realized it really is a cool building. I'm glad we went! After the sight seeing we went up to Park City to do some shopping. Tell went with his daddy to Provo for the day, so it was just me, Nattles, Dallin, and Porter. Again, the boys were great. We had lunch, hit the shops, hit some more shops, and went back home. (I also rediscovered that I can't breathe so well at high altitudes!) Saturday night I hung out with Justin and had a great time.
Sunday was church with the Greskos. After Natalie and I took a spur of the moment trip (with Porter) down to Provo. We went and visited my old haunts at BYU. I will now stop saying bad things about the Y. The campus is greatly improved, and they have finally left the 19th century. The campus is beautiful, and the scary 1960's buildings are gone. After campus we made a quick phone call to our cousin Ben and his wife. I hadn't seen Ben in about 15 years, maybe more. So we drove over to their house for an unplanned visit. We thought we would be there 20 minutes, and ended up staying 2.5 hours. Ben's dad, Uncle Glenn, lives with them. So I got to see him. And then completely unexpected Ben's brother, Zach, showed up. We all had fun catching up and learning about each other. Fun sidenote: Ben and his wife Jamie have an adorable 1 yr old. They also named him Dallin! What were the odds of that?
Monday was fly back home day. I'll miss the boys and my sister a ton!! I hope to make it back out to Utah in the fall for some book signing stuff, but more importantly to see the Greskos. I already miss the boys. Dallin and I were very attached to each other. I think the little guy was more than happy to have someone around to hold him and "play baby" with him now that his mommy has a baby. We spent a lot of time snuggling and "holding him like a baby."
So now I am home and back to reality. The break was nice. I think I brought some little kiddy germs home with me though. I'm fighting off a bad head cold. I even had to leave work today! Never fear though, I brought a ton of work home with me in case I can't get in to work tomorrow. I don't want to contaminate every one else.
I'll have pictures from the trip posted to the blog soon. Stay tuned!

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