Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter Sunday

Happy Easter All!
It is Easter Morning, and I am sitting around enjoying my newly decorated apartment. In a rare occurence, I woke up before noon on a Sunday. So now I just sit and wait for church at 1. Today is the first time I will attend my "family ward." The singles congregation I have been attending for 10 years has decided to enforce the age limits for the ward (21-30 yrs old). I technically have a few months left I could have attended the ward. But I still clearly remember when I was the youngest girl in the ward. And somehow the thought of becoming the oldest girl in the ward depresses me. So since most of the "older people" are leaving the ward this week, I thought it would be a good time to exit too. So today I start attending the geographically assigned ward I fall into. Ironically, it is the Arlington Ward- the ward I was born in. If getting too old for a singles ward wasn't depressing enough, going back to the ward I was born in, is depressing enough. On the bright side though, Arlington will be receiving about 20 singles in the big exodus. That will help make a family ward more bearable.
Back to Easter- I always enjoy Easter Sunday services. I look forward to them in the new ward. After that I will go to my parent's house and have a big dinner. And probably do laundry. Because if laundry doesn't just scream holiday dinner, what does? Granted, Easter dinner isn't all that enticing for me this year. I am still on a sugar free diet (which is killing me, btw), so no chocolate bunnies or Cadbury eggs for me. But let me tell ya, the minute I am off this diet, I'm eating all the Cadbury eggs I can find.
I have finished painting the apartment red. And one wall white. It started out as a touch-up procedure, but when the touch up paint didn't match the base paint, I ended up repainting the entire wall. Considering the fact that my father still likes to tell the story about the time as a toddler I "helped" him paint a wall blue, by carrying a dripping blue paintbrush across a brand new white carpet, the apartment looks pretty good. I may have truly lost my mind after painting 6 coats of red paint on two walls, but now I want to paint the remaining living room walls gold. But first I need to get feeling back in my shoulders. I will post some before and after pictures when I get the pictures back next week.
Hope you have a happy Easter!

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