Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Pictures from the Beehive State Tour

I got the pictures back today from the big Utah trip. It was a fun trip, and its great to see the pictures and memories.
In other fun news this week, Juli and I both wrote solo articles! Juli's story ran on Here is the direct link to her story. I wrote an extra article for Meridian, which should run as the cover story on Friday. But its Meridian, you never know when details may change. And we are both continuing to work on other solo projects, the second book, the weekly column, and oh yeah, launching the first book! We ordered tee shirts and pens this week to help promo our new book. We're very excited for our book launch party on April 16. Just a few more days and we'll be bonafide authors!
In other Insane Ideas by Erin, I decided to paint my living room and dining room red. Yes, red. Bright red, you can't miss it, RED. Everyone who heard me talk about this should have known better. Why did anyone, including the paint man at Home Depot, let me do this by myself?? I was smart enough to put down a dripcloth, but I'm wondering if maybe my dripcloth needs a dripcloth. Its already apparent that I will be buying white paint to fix the, um, creative red polka dots on the ceiling. And side walls, and maybe a few on the hardwood floors. But I don't think white paint covers red spots on hardwood floors. Which may be a problem when my roommate gets back in town. Because, oh yes, I am attempting this crazy project while Cec is out of town. I am truly losing my mind.
Next week I will be in Chicago at the Beretta Demo Day. My [professional] life has revolved around this event for the last 4 weeks. Today at 6:30 pm, I was nearly home, and suddenly my cell rings. Its one of field reps... a strange time for him to be calling me. When he told me to pull over and take a deep breath, I knew something was wrong. Sure enough, this project that has consumed 6-7 hours of each of the last 30 days of my life, has hit a major hiccup. The brand new state of the art police department range that we advertised we are using next week, is so new that its not exactly finished yet. So we obviously won't be using it. Thankfully, there is another range that we are 90% certain we can use. There's just a small problem with the fact that I sent out a mailing to 150 people inviting them to the OTHER range. And then there's the website, email blasts, etc., all with the wrong info on them now. So Friday should be fun for me. Right?
Now that I have said this all out loud, I think I can't wait to get to Chicago. The Radisson won't have red paint on the floors [hopefully], and a little magic person sneaks into your room everyday and makes your bed for you. I like that life.
Oh, if you need a good laugh, I highly recommend this website Sometimes the link doesn't work because the server is overwhelmed with all the people watching the "Fat Dutch Kid" sing a Romanian song. Its hilarious if you can get it to work.

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