Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Blogs lost

I keep blogging and my blogs are getting lost somewhere in cyberspace. I don't mean to neglect the blog. But sometimes these things just happen! I also posted about 10 pictures of various events, and they have all been lost as well. But thankfully, just in time for Girls Night Out, the picture blogger bot thing has decided to work again.
This past weekend I joined some very lovely ladies for a big girls night out. We went to the movies and followed that up with ice cream and more fun. Tara was the main organizer behind this great night, and she took "self portraits" with each of the attendees. Below there are a few fun pictures from that night.
I had a funny experience on Sunday. I wish I could put it in my column, but I have it on good authority that the person I would like the most to mock reads the column. So for now, I'll just have to mock people here in the blog.
I recently started attending a new congregation. I am no longer in a singles congregation, and now attend a "family ward." It turns out that this "family ward" has over 200 singles in it. And [unlike previous congregations] most of them are considerably over 40 years old. A nice older man that I have met many times before came up and invited me to the singles "family home evening" activity they hold on Monday nights. Now, this is normal. Singles frequently hold their own replacement activities for FHE. In my last congregation we did things like picnics at the Cherry Blossoms, or BBQs, or movie nights. So you can only imagine what I thought when this older guy (in his early 60's) very politely invites me to join them. The conversation went like this-
Old Guy: Every month we meet at the Elms nursing home in Vienna. We'd love to have some new faces there. Do you know where the Elms are?
(I nod slowly. Every month they do service at the nursing home? No variations? Nothing else? Hmm...)
OG: We have some ward members that live there. Its just easier to meet there and then go out. They don't get out much otherwise.
(I'm torn between thinking that's sweet that they take the old people out every month, and thinking there was something odd in the way he said "we meet there.")
Me: So you go there every month? Just a nursing home service thing every month?
OG: (Laughing) No, we meet there so that everyone can participate. We go out for the activity from there.
Me: (shaking my head in disbelief) Let me get this straight. You don't GO to the nursing home? You HAVE it at the nursing home because some of the participants LIVE there?
OG: Right.

OH MY GOSH. What did I get myself into? The singles in this ward (congregation) are so old that some of them truly live in a nursing home!!! Talk about old maids!! I don't think I have ever felt more desire to get married in my life. I want to run screaming to the nearest available man and beg him to marry me! I'll do the dishes and pick up after you for twenty years! But please, whatever you do, I can't end up in a nursing home singles FHE!!!

And now, just to add insult to injury, I have been asked to be the single adults rep for our ward. So now I have to plan the monthy activities for the singles. Fantastic. I have to plan activities for singles in age from 21-98. Because, oh yes, the oldest person on my list is 98!! Gotta love this job!!

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