Saturday, April 16, 2005

Buy the Book?

Ta dum! It is finally finally official, I am an author. This has been a very fun filled weekend with book signings and family and friends. Juli flew in from Florida, her mother came from Utah, and McBrides came from all around the state for our book signing this weekend. It made this whole experience seem finally real. It was nearly three years ago that we started this process, almost completely on a whim. I had been living with Juli (and Bryan and Cali) for several weeks, while I looked to make a home for myself in Florida. The day before I moved out of Chez Caldwell, I said to Juli, "We're funny. We should write a book." There was never a brilliant plan to get it published. It was mostly just something to do together. So in spite of the fact that we had lived in the same house for quite some time, as soon as I moved out, we wrote a book. We have the free instant messenger and email accounts from Yahoo! to thank for that. It took over a year to write the complete novel, and then exactly a full year from the day we submitted it to Covenant to the day it hit the shelves. I remember we submitted the book just a few days before my sister announced she was pregnant. I said at that time, "Let's see which takes longer, making a baby or a book." Turns out babies come faster. Porter is nearly 3 months old now.
Saturday morning we had a book signing at This is the Place Bookstore, in Kensington, MD. We did more sales there than we expected to, which was great. We went from there to my parent's house in Fredericksburg for a party-style book signing with friends and family. We sold lots more books and tee shirts there. (and gave each of my aunts the lipstick pens we had signed the books with) To share the experience with friends and family, and to have Juli there with me (and not just on the cell phone), made it all feel like it was no longer a figment of my imagination.
All in all, VERY FUN. And a big thank you to all those who came out to show their support and love. THANK YOU!!!

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