Saturday, April 16, 2005

Conclaves, Catholics, Angels, Demons, and the DaVinci Code

I have recently become intrigued by the procedures by which the new pope will become elected. I guess it have never occurred to me before that Catholics had such a socialist system set up in house for the papal succession. In the past few months I have read both "Angels and Demons," and the "Da Vinci Code." This has lead to a lot of my newly found interest in the conclave and the mysteries surrounding it. For Pope JPII to die just days after I finished "Angels and Demonds," was quite exciting for me. I kept expecting Wolf Blitzer to interrupt the daily news to announce that the Camerlengo has discovered the Pope was poisoned while locked in his secret tower room. But alas, no such drama. Just round the clock TV coverage instead. I did find this article today "Venerable Papal Tradition: The Very Smoke-Filled Room," in the Washington Post. Its an article filled with history regarding the conclave and the intrigue behind the election of the next Pope. It all makes me very glad to know that when the prophet of the Mormon Church dies, no one will be murdered on their way to Sunday Services just to increase the political odds of another man. I am looking for some Catholic literature now so I can gain a better understanding of these rituals. I wonder if the education the Washington Post has so freely offered me is entirely accurate. I would like to learn more (just out of curiousity) from sources that actually care. Any recommendations?

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