Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I Blog Because I'm Bored

Tonight I am doing a rare mid-week blog because I am bored. I am waiting for the dryer to do what dryer's do best, and dry my linens. I can't go to bed until my bedding emerges dry from the dryer. So I'm up later than I care to be, and I'm blogging.
Juli and I did something unusual this week. We actually wrote our column for next week in advance. We wrote it on "Cat Women," or women who backstab other women in a desperate and shallow attempt to get a man. I had a strange and unexpected experience with it this week, which is where it all spawned from. A girl from my old singles ward "sent the message" to me via a mutual friend that I need to back off Rick (name changed to protect the innocent). According to the girl, she is dating Rick now, and I'm not welcome to be friends with him anymore. My first reaction was, "Wow, she's stupid if she thinks he's going to stop having female friends because he's dating her." I felt a little sorry for her. This particular guy is well known for having lots of "just" friends. He and I have been "just" good friends for about a year now. (And I have no intentions of stopping my friendship with him just for her.) I felt bad for her that she obviously has such little confidence in herself that she would feel she has to eliminate all competition in order to play on a level playing field. What does it say about her that she thinks she'll only be noticed by her boyfriend if she eliminates all other women from his view? Well, I emailed Rick. I basically said I was surprised I hadn't heard it from him first that he was dating her. And I mentioned that she apparently feels I've acted inappropriately around him. Much to my surprise, he wrote back and said that she's not his girlfriend. And he gently reminded me that he's not exactly the boyfriend commitment type. On one selfish hand that made me feel better. But then on the other hand, I just feel bad for a girl that insecure. I hope never sink to her depths. I think the column Jules and I have put together for next week covers the subject well, and we pulled in some fun jokes.

In other news, there's just a few weeks left till the annual Mormons Take Over Duck Beach Weekend. I've rented out a house for the second year in a row. This year I have rented one of the largest houses on the island. Thankfully, I've rented out all the beds and spaces in the house. Here's a link to the house, if anyone cares to check it out- the Island Pearl, . My plan is to stay down there for a full week. Most of the singles/friends only stay for the course of the holiday weekend. But I'm staying the full week, and taking some vacation time, so that I can finish some personal writing projects. I'm working on a sequel to Beyond Perfection, with Juli, and a second novel, "Ask Emily," on my own. Plus, hopefully by then we will be into the editing phase of, "Altar Ego: Life in a Singles Ward." I have to admit staying in a fancy beach house for a week, just writing and hanging out in the hot tub, is something of a dream come true for me. I can't wait!! Ooh, and reading of course. And watching DVD's. (I can't type the ENTIRE time I'm down there.) So if anyone has some good books or movies to recommend, I'm all ears.


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  1. Sounds like a very sleazy move on the part of that girl...


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