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Captain's Blog #2.5

This is the secret blog where I'm throwing out a secret message slightly encrypted for certain people to read. If you are one of them you know. The "list" is going well. It has been whittled from 4 to 2, but with serious complications. I am wondering if the day will ever come when the list will be easy and complication free. But until then 2 is a good even number. ESB and JHC this is just for you.
Lots of our house members at Dirty Dicks- a must see on the Outer Banks!
Here's just a few of the cars in our driveway on Saturday. By nightfall we had a few more!
Beautiful beach girls!

Captain's Blog #2

Today was absolutely beautiful. It was sunny and warm with a gentle ocean breeze blowing past. I spent the day in my perfect world. I got up at a reasonable hour (are you all shocked to hear I was up at 8?), went shopping for a while, and then came back to sit on my top deck and write for a while. Eventually I decided to add in the MP3 player and moved to the pool area for some variety. I couldn't ask for more. Sitting in the sunshine just writing whatever comes into my head. It was absolutely perfect.
My mother, 2 sisters, and 3 nephews arrived later this afternoon. We've already been to the beach, played in the sand, and enjoyed the hot tub. The nephews think the hot tub is just a really big bath and made themselves at home in it. Right now they are being wrestled into bed, while I hide in the rec room typing the blog.
All in all it was a beautiful day. I can't wait for tomorrow when we go up to Corolla Light to see the wild horses and spend some more time on t…

Picture pages

All pictures posted today are courtesy of Valerie. More pics by lots of friends to come.
Gwen and Karl at the beach
Valerie and Suzanne by sunset on the our top deck
Trevor and Jeff
Most (but not even close to all) of the house members at Monday's BBQ
Just a little fun at the BBQ on Monday

Captain's Blog #1

Captain’s Blog #1-
Three days at the beach, and this is the first post from the command room, on the top floor of the Island Pearl. To the best of my knowledge, we had 34 people sleeping in the Pearl each night. Not necessarily the same 34 people, and not necessarily asleep all at the same time.
Activities thus far have included
1) World’s Best BBQ (NC Style)
2) Boogie boarding
3) Hot tub
4) Movies
5) Huge group dinners and BBQ’s
6) Meeting tons of new friends
7) Hot tub
8) More beach time
9) Skinny dipping at midnight with Valerie
10) Midnight grocery store runs (3 nights running)

More stories, details, fun to come. The internet and cell phone connections here are spotty at best. So blogs will be brief and simple. But the best is yet to come.
Another picture from the book signing. The bookstore really did a nice job of making our table look nice for us. (is that a funky picture of me or what?)
Its a little delayed in getting posted, but here's a pic of Juli, me, and two of our favorite fans (Christa and Caleigh), at the book signing at This is the Place Bookstore. (Thankfully I have lost 8 more lbs since this picture was taken.)

Sith Happens and Tips for Watching a Midnight Movie

Note to self: in the future when attending midnight movie premieres do not drink a full 2 liters of Diet Coke before the movie starts. The general, mis-guided, idea would be to drink the caffeine prior to the movie in order to stay awake. However, that much liquid and caffeine that late at night will only create a bladder dilemma unlike any other. It is unacceptable, and not possible, during any portion of "Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" to get up and use the ladies'. So in the future, do not drink Diet Coke, or any other beverage in a deperate attempt to stay awake. Instead, just get some sleep, and try and avoid midnight premieres.
Was it worth it though? Was the sleep deprivation and bladder agony worth the movie? Heck Yeah! Where else can you see a Darth Vader on crutches, R2D2 passing out M&Ms, and cheer loudly as Yoda kicks the Chancellor's butt? It was a great movie. And it totally made up for the previous 2 questionable digital disasters.

Can College Be a Boondoggle?

Ever since I have learned the word "boondoggle" I have wanted to use it in the appropriate context. (For those looking for the definition, click here Tonight while watching the "Empire Strikes Back" I realize I have the perfect story in which to use "boondoggle."

As the entire free world knows, "Stars Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" premieres tomorrow. I, like so many other children of the 80's, will be standing in line for the midnight showing. (And possibly even in costume.) To prepare for this monumentous occasion that I have been waiting for ever since the day I got my R2D2 punching bag for Christmas 26 years ago, (which I properly used to knock my sister over the head several times), I have been re-watching all of the Star Wars movies. Tonight while multi-tasking watching the movie, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, working out, and painting my nails, I found myself listening …
Here I come to save the day! MIGHTY MOUSE!

Here I Come to Save the Day! MIGHTY MOUSE!

In the last few days I have had so many things on my mind, but when I sit down to blog upon them, I find it too hard to condense all thoughts into something so simple. One thing I am trying to understand better is what compels some personality types to buck the system, rebel against direction, or just 'always have to be different.' Its one thing to be independent, free spirited, etc. Those are people who know who they are regardless of their situation, station, or location. But then there are some people who's entire personality is nothing but a reaction to those around them and in a negative way. I can't understand why it is so important to some to have to be different. To have to argue with everything. Regardless of why the rule is in place, they have to fight it, argue with it, poke at it, etc. I've never been that type of person. I do like to understand the rule, and will research and study something out. But I don't automatically rebel. Granted …
Have you ever heard the theory that everyone in this world has a twin? Today I had a reason to google the Versace mansion in Miami. The search pulled up tons of tourist and amateur sites with photos on it. Just by accident I saw this photo on a page. The kid in green is what caught my eye. He looks EXACTLY like my brother Scott. Big hair, sideburns, snarly face, green shirt, etc. I called my dad to show him, and then my mother and my sister. Every last one of us had to do a double take. Even Scott was freaked out by the picture. He swears he's never been to Miami, but we're all wondering!
Back by popular demand it is Blake Beidleman and Kelli Blinn!

Careful What You Blog!

In the past week I have had three different old friends surface out of the deep blue. It was interesting to find out that two of the three already read my blog! So be careful what you blog, you never know who might be reading you!
The last few weeks have been mentally busy. There is a lot going on, but its all a good thing. At church I have been asked to head up a new program for the "mid-singles." The "mid-singles" are the ones too old to be called "young singles" (ages 18-30), and too young to be called "singles" (which generally has a connotation of being the 50-dead age group). So the mid-singles will be the 27-40ish crowd that just doesn't have a place to quite fit in. And this group is scattered all over Northern Virginia, making cohesion a little tricky. I'm up for the challenge, but I have to admit, too much of my life is revolving around my marital status. I'm writing a column about singles, and now my church job is…

May the Fourth Be With You

it is my self proclaimed duty to wish all people a happy MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU day. you have now been wished. please pass on the good wishes. (and check out my new links on the sidebar. especially the new Jiu Valley portal. this was the group I worked with in RO. its a new updated website, with great info about Romania.)

May the Fourth Be With You

it is my self proclaimed duty to wish all people a happy MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU day. you have now been wished. please pass on the good wishes. (and check out my new links on the sidebar. especially the new Jiu Valley portal. this was the group I worked with in RO. its a new updated website, with great info about Romania.)