Saturday, May 14, 2005

Here I Come to Save the Day! MIGHTY MOUSE!

In the last few days I have had so many things on my mind, but when I sit down to blog upon them, I find it too hard to condense all thoughts into something so simple. One thing I am trying to understand better is what compels some personality types to buck the system, rebel against direction, or just 'always have to be different.' Its one thing to be independent, free spirited, etc. Those are people who know who they are regardless of their situation, station, or location. But then there are some people who's entire personality is nothing but a reaction to those around them and in a negative way. I can't understand why it is so important to some to have to be different. To have to argue with everything. Regardless of why the rule is in place, they have to fight it, argue with it, poke at it, etc. I've never been that type of person. I do like to understand the rule, and will research and study something out. But I don't automatically rebel. Granted I have a little bit of a rebellious streak in me. But it exhibits itself only when I see the rule, appreciate the rule, and realize that I can break the rule without getting hurt. But then there are some people who say, "hey, look! its a rule, and I broke it and nobody died. its a stupid rule!" Its like all they want to do is tear down establishment, as if its their God-given duty to do so. I will never understand these people and why their determination to be angry is what makes them happy.
One of the other major issues I am contemplating this week (slightly related I suppose) is how to please the most people at the same time. My new church calling (mormon way of saying my job at church) as the single adults group leader is not the easiest calling I have ever had. I can't seem to please anyone right now. Everyone seems to think every activity should be the one the suggested or picked. No one seems to be happy if the activity isn't what they wanted to do. Whatever happened to "the greater good?" I have this urge to scream out loud, "take one for the team! why can't we all just get a long?! its not all about you!" But then it would be me doing the complaining, and not getting along. And since its not all about me, I keep it to myself (and the blog).
In other developments, this is a very busy weekend, and upcoming week. Last night there was a big party, lots of fun. The theme of the party was "Three Amigos" (the movie). I wore a name tag that said, "Little Buttercup." I was surprised at how many people did not get the joke. Today I attended a "Danish Brunch" with several friends. It was excellent food and conversation. My favorite part of the brunch was the reminiscing of childhood trampolines. I can't even count how many hours my sister and I must have logged jumping on the big blue tramp, sleeping out on the tramp, etc. My favorite thing to do was put the water sprinkler under the trampoline while jumping. Who needs a water park? We have a backyard!
I bought a new shirt yesterday. It is my new favorite and most prized possession. Its a yellow tee shirt with Mighty Mouse on the front. Mighty Mouse has been my favorite super-mouse ever since I was a very little girl. When I was about five years old there was a TV show called, "Wow" on Channel 20. Kids could send in pictures they had drawn, and if it was shown on "Wow" the child was then invited to come be on the show. The show was something of a reality show for children. The show started off with the children sliding down a slide, running up to a microphone and saying their name. (With amateur four year olds speaking into a microphone for the first time you can only imagine the "reality" of the show.) So where does Mighty Mouse figure into all of this? It was my extremely life-like rendition (created with crayola fine crayons) of the Mouse, that landed me a coveted spot on "Wow." So now I put my full faith back into the luckiness of Mighty Mouse, as I wear my new tee shirt. Who knows what the Mouse will do for me now! I wore it today when I went to get my license renewed [finally]. I passed the test! See?! Mighty Mouse never lets me down!

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