Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Because we can

I just had one of those perfect urban nights tonight. Gwen and I went down to Glover Park in DC to the Grog and Tankard Bar to hear Chris Davies play. Gwen and I are not your usual bar hopping types, especially not on a school night. But off we went for a nice mid-summers eve, telling ourselves we were doing it "because we can." The music was great, and Chris put on a good show. (We even bought his CD). After that we spotted a little homemade ice cream shop, and had to endulge. Gwen had frozen yogurt in a cherry dunk, and I had a butter almond and mexican chocolate double dip. So good!!! As we left the shop we spotted a baseball game going on across the street. So we sat in the evening dusk, eating ice cream, and watching baseball. It was the perfect summer night!
On a completely unrelated note, Gwen and I were discussing our early less formative college years. We knew that we had graduated together from the same high school, but only knew of each other. We had never been friends there. What we didn't realize until this evening was that we also attended the same college and lived in the same dorm, just 2 floors apart! Neither one of us has any recollection of the other one during that un-formative college year. Makes me wonder how many other people I am re-crossing paths with, but have no idea.

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