Thursday, June 02, 2005

Captain's Blog #3

It is early Thursday afternoon and I am enjoying a bit of quiet time in the rain. I have been typing away, working on "Way Beyond Perfection" since late Wednesday night. My mother, sisters, and 3 nephews came down late Tuesday and left late Wednesday. We visited the beach, played in the hot tub (which Dallin, 3 yrs old, calls the "hot bath"), drove up to the 4x4 only area, in our car without 4 wheel drive, drove on it anyway, with Stephanie (who has only had her license 2 months) at the wheel. The inevitable happened after about 10 minutes of driving on the sand up to the wild horse preserve. The McBurban (the family suburban) bottomed out in the sand, and we had to rely on some very nice men with no shoes in a big red truck to help us out. After that little experience, I took over at the wheel and drove us back to the real roads with Mom and Steph sitting in the windows, hanging out into the wind. I am sure it will take Natalie years to explain to her boys why it was okay for Nana and Steph to do it, but they can't. I don't envy her that one.
(I'll post pictures from the excursion later.)
Just for fun here is my favorite passage written so far from "Way Beyond Perfection." (It would probably help to have a little knowledge of the characters first. But why would I give it to you here, when you could just go buy my first book instead?)

Jana put some homemade muffins into the oven and went over to the couch where her twin sister was hiding in a cocoon of blankets. Jana lifted up one end of the blankets, climbed in, and curled up next to her sister. “Hey Babe.”
(other things happen, skipping about 5 paragraphs)
Austen walked into the living room and stared at the large lumps moving under the blanket on the couch. Amused at the sight, and aware of the fact that they didn’t know he was in there, he sat down on the LoveSac and listened to them.
“You cannot spend the rest of your life on my couch. It is time for you to get up, get a job, and get over Will. But necessarily in that order!” Jana proclaimed with determination. Austen smiled and stifled a laugh at his wife’s first attempt at firmness in her life. Watching, or listening to Jana, attempt to discipline her very hard headed sister, could be one of the funniest things he would ever see. He intended to enjoy this. He just wished he had popcorn for the occasion.
“Jana, I can’t get a job right now. It’s the Christmas holidays. No one is hiring. I’ve looked. There is nothing out there.” One of the lumps under the blanket whined.
“You can get a temp job. You have no money. You have to do something. You can’t live on my couch forever,” Jana said firmly.
“Who died and made you my mother?”
“Strange thing to say to your twin sister.”
“Oh you know what I mean. Why are you telling me what to do? You don’t think I’m aware of the fact that I have no money? I would love to get a job. But there is nothing out there.” The lump on the right side of the couch attempted to roll over again. Austen considered getting the video camera out. This could be used for great blackmail in the future. He quietly got off the LoveSac and headed for the closet where he kept the camera.
“Lizzie, I love you more than life itself. But I cannot sit by and watch you wallow in self-pity, and stink up my living room. Good grief, what did you do in here? It wreaks!” Jana exclaimed, fanning the blanket. Fortunately for Austen, she opened the blanket towards the couch, and she never saw him standing there with the camera documenting the entire conversation.
“I had way too much ice cream last night. I’m gassy.”
Jana groaned. “Elizabeth Benson! That was disgusting!”
Austen nearly fell over laughing. But he managed to keep it silent and the camera rolling.

Want to know more? You'll have to wait about a year! Sorry!

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