Sunday, June 19, 2005

Expensive Horses and Rich Men Who Know How to Ride Them!

Saturday evening was the long awaited polo excursion. Several friends, headed up by Tara, got together for an afternoon BBQ, and attended a polo match. Polo? Yes, polo! That sport where rich men in fancy knickers ride horses around a ring, and swat at a little ball. Other rich people sit in fancy chairs and call each other things like, "Your Excellence," and "Darling," while drinking fancy wines from plastic glasses, with their little dogs preening nearby. Behind these fancy people are the commoners, like us, who have come out for the spectacle of watching rich people watch rich people.
It was a lot of fun to watch the game as well as people watch. I think I will go back soon and take my mom and sister, and their little dog too. (Trixie, our pomeranian, will be in her element at a polo match.)
I think my favorite part of the evening was halftime. It was a real live dog and pony show! A fancy man in fancy knickers on a fancy horse came out with his thirty berzillion hounds and trotted around the ring. I don't know this amused me as much as it did!
You can see all of the pictures from our BBQ and the polo match on Tara's community shots page here-
I should also mention that the BBQ we had at Scott's house was wonderful as well. You'll see several pictures of the BBQ and the gorgeous estate he lives on out in the The Plains, VA.

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