Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Little Family Time

The following are a few of the pictures from my family's visit to the beach house. We had a good time hanging out in the hot tub, taking very fast jumps into the pool, running back to the hot tub, etc. I loved getting to hang out with my nephews for a few days. And the sister and mom time wasn't half bad either. Porter, age 4 months, hasn't really started to look like anyone too much yet. But bears a slight resemblance to Tell. Dallin, age 3.5, looks more and more like his mother every day. And I think Tell is starting to look more and more like me. Check out the kid's droopy right eyelid, crooked smile, and chin. He may have his dad's nose, but I think the rest of him looks a lot like me. Any comments??

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