Friday, June 03, 2005

Tales from the Beach (or 7 years to call a girl)

Sunday afternoon here at the beach was pretty uneventful. Naps were being taken around the house (and with 30+ people in the house that meant in beds, hammocks, and in various places on the floor), a few board games were taking place, Karl was holding Sunday School in the basement, and people milled about the kitchen grazing on food. It was at this point when Geoff came up to me and said he had something to show me. I sat down at the table as he ran off to get something.
He came back and sat down with me and pulls out his wallet. For a second I thought he was showing me his driver's license or a picture of him with hair. "See look! I did have hair! Its not my fault I am old and bald!" But instead he pulled out an ATM receipt. "Aw, Geoff. Its okay, not even bald guys have to show their ATM receipts to impress a girl."
But then I noticed that the receipt was seven years old, had an account balance of $20, and when I turned it over it had my name and phone number on the back, as well as my cousin Anne Marie's name and number on it. What the??
Geoff waited to see if the receipt meant anything to me. It wasn't in my handwriting, and the phone number was several years outdated. Very confusing. I searched my memory for some time when maybe AM and I had been together and met a guy. But that wasn't ringing any bells. And for whatever reason, seeing my name with AM was just as confusing as the rest of it. I love my cousin dearly, but that is an odd pairing of names.
Geoff waited for several minutes of watching my reaction before telling me how he came to have my name and number in his wallet. The only thing I was sure of was that I had not been the one to give it to him. Finally he tells me that 7 or 8 years ago he was on a plane from Utah to DC, with a stopover in Chicago and was sitting next to one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. "So which one of my aunts was it?" should have been the next thing I said, but I waited. Geoff talked to her all the way to Chicago (narrowing it down to 2 of my aunts), and she apparently at some point encouraged him to call her neices in the DC area, where he was headed. (She got off in Chicago.) She gave him the names and numbers of 2 of us, and left. (Actually when my dad heard this story he laughed and said, "It should have narrowed it down to only one aunt. Aunt Bonnie Colleen would have been so heavily drugged to get on a plane that she couldn't have carried on a conversation that long.)
He claims he considered calling the two complete strangers for a while, just in hopes that they looked something like their aunt. But he was too shy to do so. (And probably for the best since neither of us look a whole lot like that particular aunt. Not that we aren't both drop dead beautiful in our own rights, but we look nothing like the aunt in question.) He said that he just was hoping to run into one of us sooner or later. He never did- for seven years.
Geoff would like us all to pretend that he just happened to find my phone number in a book he had on the plane a few months ago, just after he and I had entered each other's social circles. He wondered if it was the same girl and thought he'd ask me, and moved it to his wallet. But who is he kidding? We all know he's been carrying it around, 3 inches from his butt, for seven years, every day pulling it out and debating over whether or not to call. "Just finding it in a book" seven years later, and a few days after meeting me, is just way too suspicious. But its okay, Geoff. We all understand that rejection can be hard. But on the bright side, its a good thing you chose to stalk me and not Anne Marie, seeing as she's married and has 1.9 children. That may have been a little awkard for you if you had shown up at her vacation house, hoping to finally confess your stalker tendencies!
Oh, and for those of you wondering which aunt did it, Aunt Gina LaRee is the culprit.

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