Thursday, June 16, 2005

They turned my hockey arena into a church!

So tonight I am hanging out in the Holiday Inn Express Downtown Houston. I've been down here for the Prodefense "Beretta" day. I've learned a few interesting things today. First, the lessons, then the story. #1- Customer service really is everything. #2- Zoning is important. #3- Shoes are what its all about. #4- If I have to get up at 4:30 am., I'll be wide awake at midnight. #5- The weeks I think our column will generate a hundred responses, we get nothing. #6 (last but not least, if there is a girl in a Beretta shirt, wearing a Beretta lapel pin, standing at a table with 10 Berettas on it, she will undoubtedly be treated as if she knows nothing about guns.

#1- I had to pick up my rental car this morning. First, I had a reservation with Enterprise. When I made the reservation they told me I could use a debit card. And then today when I went to get the car, OOPS. They do take debit cards, but only for Texas residents who are willing to leave their first born child as collateral (or literally proof of residence and employment, including utility bills). So needless to say, not having a first born child, or house in Texas, I didn't qualify. So I called Avis, who was much more obliging. Within 5 minutes of calling, I was at their store. But no one else was! I walked into the store, and no one was there. So I rang the bell. And waited. And waited. And rang the bell again. And then hollered HELLOOOO. And waited. The phone was ringing off the hook. I looked around the very small parking lot, and nothing. Ten minutes pass. NOTHING. I'm starting to get a little freaked by this. There is one door, marked employees only. So I knock. And I wait. I try to open the door, completely terrified I'd find a dead body on the other side. I knocked as I began to enter. All of a sudden a guy opens the door, obviously putting his clothes on (I so do not want to know what he was doing in there) and says, "I'm just a cleaner. She'll be back in a minute." And pulls a shirt on, and shuts the door. Um, okay? So I just sit and wait. Its not like I can go anywhere! After a full 20 minutes "the girl" just walks in, asks for my license, and hands me some keys- all while talking into her cell phone! How is that for customer service!?

#2- Just a few hours back in the United State of Texas and I remember why it is I love NoVa's zoning laws. When I lived here before I used to go to hockey games at the Compaq Center (also where the Rockets used to play). But they have now turned the C.C. into a church! A huge freaking arena is now a Texas sized baptist church!

#3- Shoes are essential to happiness. That is all I have to say.

#4- Should speak for itself.

#5- I absolutely love what Juli and I came up with this week. So why haven't we had any responses yet? Go read it-

#6- It will never cease to amaze me that as I stand at a table displaying guns, looking official, (i'm not thin or fake enough to be a booth babe), some guy will start telling me the features of a Beretta. (and more often then not, start telling me why glocks are better). I always greatly enjoy correcting them. "Actually, that is a Px4. It isn't possible that you shot that last year in competition because we haven't actually released them to customers in the U.S. yet."

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