Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What if Michael Jackson had been black?

I have a confession to make. I am/was addicted to all details emerging from the Michael Jackson trial. I am also addicted to a blog called the Achenblog from the Washington Post website. Joel Achenbach is one of my most favorite writers, and is truly entertaining. His blog today on the MJ trial was truly classic. To that end, I will post a snippet of his blog, and encourage you to go to his blog and read the rest yourself.

What if Michael Jackson had been black?
The big question surrounding the Michael Jackson verdict is: Would he have been acquitted if he was black? Answer: Not a chance.
We still have two justice systems in this country. If you think a jury that had not a single African American member would have let Snoop Dogg or Ice Cube go free in this kind of situation, then you haven't been paying attention. They would have nailed Harry Belafonte.
If Michael Jackson had been a black defendant, this would have become a racial case. But as a Bleached American, Jackson served merely as the representative of ALL multi-millionaire, has-been, facially mutilated pop stars who are suspected of touching boys during sleepovers at their mansion.
All such people are breathing easier today.

To read the rest- visit his blog! Its great!

As for me- I have to confess- I truly believe MJ is/was innocent. A complete freak show without question. But innocent. Naively, painfully, childishly innocent. He's a warped man deprived of a childhood, desperate for the love and friendship he missed as a child. So now he takes irrational steps to try and relive those moments. And he unfortunately took pity on a family who saw how easy he would be to take advantage of. I think the fact that this all happened is rather sad, and even more sad that the media exploited the case and ruined MJ's life.

All that being said, the only MJ album I ever really liked was "Thriller." I miss the guy that sang Thriller, Beat It, and PYT. He was cool.

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  1. I like Thriller, but I have to admit that I like "Bad" just a little bit more. It's a sad comment on our society when there are vultures lurking to take advantage of wealthy, insane freaks like Michael Jackson. Also read recently that he's not bleached--suffers from a rare condition I think called vilitigo that lightens skin.


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