Sunday, July 31, 2005

And The Show Goes On

The trade show opened today. I have mixed feelings about this show. We look great, and our booth is the biggest deal on site, which is fun for us. But we have more wives coming in the booth, picking up one of everything, asking for more freebies, and leaving, then we do real police officers. Things like this always frustrate me. How much of my annual budget is about to end up in a hotel trash can? Today my favorite person was a lady that came in, took one of every flyer (didn't bother to see what they were for or about), picked up a pin (freebie) off the counter, and then asked if she could have a second one. "I have 2 grandchildren. I can't take home just one of them!" So my pins that are meant to generate customer loyalty, further our branding image, blah blah blah, is being taken home to a 5 yr old grandson named Adam who will probably lose it in five minutes, and never shoot a gun in his life. After that lady came in, I promptly took all the freebies off the counters, and hid them. We'll be handing them out to pre-qualified customers for the rest of the show. But the show is cool, and it is always fun to be the big great thing at a show. People love us, and we love to be loved. Again, the "scrubbed up" version of the show's events are on .
In other traveler's news, Ann is fully corrupting me. We went out and got our henna tattooes together today. I'm still loving mine. Ann got the Celtic symbol for eternal happiness on her ankle.

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