Monday, July 11, 2005

Childhood Summer Memories

Tonight I endulged in a classic childhood summertime activity. To cheer myself up after a classic crappy day, I went for a little sunset walk to the nearest convenience store to buy an ice cream cone and soda. In honor of my childhood, I picked out a big chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich and a strawberry soda. (If the adult me had been picking it out I clearly would have bought a tub of Ben and Jerry's Fudge Brownie and a Diet Coke.) Just a nice little walk and sugar infusion can do wonders for an attitude adjustment. Part of me really needed the pick-me-up. If I were still in a bad mood I would point out that I had to walk because my car is back in the shop, and I wanted ice cream because its so freaking hot in my apartment that I couldn't think straight anymore. But the attitude adjustment is working, and instead, this was a great nostalgic evening. And it brought back great memories of walking to 7-11 and spending what felt like hours picking out just the right treat.
What was your childhood endulgence? What activity do you miss?

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  1. I'm sitting here with a handful of nerds. Now nerds bring back memories.

    Riding my bike. I rode my bike everywhere. Living in a small town you could ride your bike up to the local reservoir, over to the county library, the swimming pool etc. etc.


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