Sunday, July 10, 2005

Exhausted Procrastination

Its nearly 10 pm on Sunday and I have reinvented exhaustion. But this weekend its all my own fault. I played as hard as a girl can play, and now I'm paying the price. Friday night I got to meet more of my Girls Camp girls, and learn more about what I will be responsible for up there. I've got a lot of work to do this week to get ready for camp. I don't want to let the girls down. There are 55 girls attending the overall camp. I am responsible for 23 of them! Somehow we just have that many more fourth years attending than any other age group this year. I'll have my hands full, but I'm excited for it.
Saturday morning I went hiking on the Whiteoak Canyon trail outside of Sperryville with 2 friends. Its a nice trail, well maintained, lots of switchbacks. We saw 2 bears on the hike. I've never seen a bear that up close and personal before (by up close and personal I mean about 50 feet away- but still- there was no electric fence between us). Very cool.
I did manage to get my mother out to the Toby Keith concert at Nissan Pavillion. I'm not the biggest Toby Keith fan ever, but I do like a few of his songs. Getting to see my mother tap her toe and clap along to "Who's Your Daddy," was priceless. That is one memory that will stay with my forever. Whether or not you like country, or Toby Keith (his own brand of country to say the least), you have to give it to him. It was one well done, very upbeat show. Fireworks, confetti, special effects, and oh yeah, great music. Very fun!
Now I'm just sitting here procrastinating writing the column for this week. I'm feeling a little too opinionated, and have a lot I want to say about the Church's program regarding singles. Or should I say the LACK of a program for singles? Until I'm not so riled up on the subject I won't be able to get my thoughts out clearly. (I keep trying to clean the apartment up, but that just makes me more mad. When will I be a rich established author that can afford a cleaning service??)
I probably won't have a lot of free time for blogging again this week. Between planning the girls camp lessons, attending TS2, another hiking/camping trip (Old Rag), and the regular routine of just staying one step ahead of the jailer, I expect to be exhausted all week. This Friday I'll take off for Old Rag, come back Saturday night, Sunday- same old, Monday is a Nats game, and then drive from there to girls camp, and then 3 days at girls camp, coming back late Thursday night, work on Friday, sleep? on Saturday, work like crazy Mon-Thurs, because on Friday I'm leaving for New Orleans for 8 days. No rest for the wicked, right? Oh, and I forgot the little part about writing a 3 part series for Meridian on the Defending the Family conference. Who needs sleep? It just takes up too much time anyway.

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