Sunday, July 17, 2005

I Love the Mountains, I Love the Rolling Hills, I Love the Firesides, When All the Lights are Low

Another fun weekend out in the mountains, climbing up and down things has come to an end. Joy, Jason, Parker and I took a turn about Old Rag on Saturday. While it was a fun trip (how could it not be in such entertaining company?) I think next time I will-
a) arrive at an unknown campsite before dark
b) get a map of unknown campgrounds, regardless of arriving there before or after dark, and actually read it
c) actually camp
d) not use my knee (whether it be the good or bad one) to push myself up on a rock
e) check weather reports to see how hot it will be at 7 am
f) bring a better camera
g) bring Joy ear plugs so she doesn't have to listen to the incessant arguing

Fun trip! Thanks guys!

This will conclude my blogging for the week. I have procured my own copy of Harry Potter, and will be holed up reading all 650 pages for as long as it takes. And then tomorrow I leave for Girls Camp where blogging will be impossible, but at least I'll get to sing campfire songs. I'm sure when I return on Friday I will have plenty of great Girls Camp stories to share with the free world. In the meantime, I open up the comments section for my friends to use to entertain each other, and embarrass me in my absence.

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