Saturday, July 30, 2005

If It Can Go Wrong- I Can Make That Happen For You

It all started with bad thunderstorms in Atlanta. That was why Chris overslept and missed his flight. It was when I had to go back 4 hours later to pick up Chris at the airport that I forgot the keys. Which is why we were over an hour late getting to the convention center. And that is pretty directly related to why we were in a hurry when we parked the car. (We= me, Ann, Blake, Chris, and Paul was a small party to all of this as well.) The parking lot was mostly empty, and we did look for someone to pay, but no one was there. As I mentioned before, we're using the mobile showroom trailer for our booth. So we had our work cut out for us as we schlepped boxes, cases, guns, etc around. The first big surprise was the large, heavy case of 50 guns that we didn't know about. Where do you put a 6x5x4 case that weighs a few hundred pounds, especially when its full of guns? Its not like you can just hide it behind the show curtain... So that was the first obstacle, which we thought we solved easily enough. It was sent to the show lock up. We got the trailer set up, and ready for tomorrow. And then I got the bill from Geo Fern... We had estimated $400 for this show. The bill was for over $1300, and I stopped breathing. When we got back out to the car, sure enough, it was gone. Towed away... And while I am on the phone with the tow company, the trade show director was calling on the other line. The big case won't fit through the door. And they are charging me overtime labor charges until it gets fixed. And the towed car is going to cost $143 cash.
There's different ways to look at this. We can freak out, stress, anger, etc. OR just laugh it all off. I chose laughter. What was the point in stressing? It all got taken care of. But still... I'm looking at the bright side. The booth has not fallen down on us (a la SHOT Show), the guns are now secured legally and properly, all of our products arrived. I've been fed my dinner finally, and that helps considerably. Things can only go up from here. Right???

For the "other" version of our week here in New Orleans, the more professional, marketing approved, version of this trip, check out my other blog at (don't you just love that name?!)

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  1. You're a professional blogger!!

    Wow............things going better today?


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