Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Still Trying to See the Bright Side (and possibly failing)

I had big plans for productivity this week. But they have all gone horribly awry. But instead of complaining about them (including no internet at home for 3 days, my car in the shop again, crooked landlords, and a bum knee-again), I am questioning myself. Why is it I feel completely worthless without a car and internet? I feel completely shut off from the entire world. I have no internet at home, my knee is so swollen I can't walk anywhere, and my car is back in the shop. I nearly went stir crazy feeling isolated and pathetic. I finally decided to just give in and walk to the library. Granted its a good mile and a half walk, but I was desperate. Besides, the a/c is still so weak in our apartment, that I'd rather be outside than cooped up in there. So bum knee and all, I walked. Conveniently I thought to take my checkbook with me, just in case my car was done at the mechanics. You are supposed to express your gratitude when you feel it, right? Well, I could not be more grateful for the kind customer service I got there today. (and how often do you say that about your mechanic?) When I got there my car was ready, but I realized I had a checkbook with me, but no ID. They took my check anyway. "You come in here all the time, girl. We trust you." So with a car, I was able to drive to the library so I can work on Girls Camp stuff. (Which reminds me, if anyone has any brilliant activities, plans, or ideas on how to teach "caring for the environment" to 23 teenage girls, I'm all ears.) And of course, now that I am at the library, I'm online. I feel nearly human again. I'll feel a little better when the internet and cable are back and working at my house on Friday. I feel like I am living in the dark ages over there.
But when did my life become so dependent on my laptop for entertainment? Why is I can't figure out how to do book research anymore? I tried for 30 mins to find books on my camp topics, but finally gave in and googled them on the computer. Am I really so addicted??
What am I suposed to do when I am trapped in the house with no way out? Can't walk anywhere, can't drive, nothing to eat, etc. Mayor J humbly suggested I call up the nearest Romeo and ask to be rescued. I suppose its just a testament to my stubbornness that I refuse to admit I need rescuing. It is also entirely possible that my pride will keep me from ever asking a boy for help. (All of which Mayor J points out are contributing to my singlehood. I have a feeling that Natalie, when she reads this, will agree. Oh well.) In the meantime, I am feeling very urban sitting in the library in the middle of the city. Granted it would have been more urban of me to walk over here. Guess I can't win!


  1. Mayor J9:34 PM

    You're very urban, although I must admit that I'm a little confused how you blogged with no internet. Are you blogging in the library?

    And for crying out loud, QUIT STALKING ME!!! ;o)

  2. But you are just so much fun to stalk! (Hey, at least I didn't use your real name this time, Juli!)

  3. Oh man--cover blown! You used it! Now I have to go back into witness protection...

    And for the last time, STOP STALKING!!! I think Bush made privacy laws to protect against people like you. Or wait...did he? Man, where's a Dem on the abstract when I need it?


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