Friday, July 08, 2005

Weekend of Insanity

As usual I have managed to pack 500 things into my weekend, when 499 would have sufficed. Starting in just a few minutes, I have a girls camp meeting and then a movie with Rachel. Then bright and early tomorrow morning, its off to go hiking again. (I must get in as much hiking as possible while I can. Heaven knows that my free time is limited this summer.) I do believe tomorrow's hike will be Whiteoak Canyon in the Shenandoahs, but I'm not entirely clear on that. Tomorrow night I am [hopefully] going with my mom to her first ever country music concert. She wants to go see Toby Keith tomorrow night at Nissan Pavillion, and I may have helped push her into buying the tickets. I can't wait to see my mother's reaction to all the zealously drunk rednecks singing patriotic country songs. "We'll put a boot in your a**, its the American way!"
And then there is Sunday. I have a 6:30 am meeting, 7:30 am meeting, 9:15 am meeting, church actually at 1, and then another meeting at 4:30. Unbelievable! Why so many in one Sunday? Why? Why?
I feel a pre-emptive nap coming on.
Oh and in case you have been too busy to read the hilariously wonderful column Juli and I write every week, I highly recommend you read us this week. Its truly one of our best pieces yet. "Miss Manners for Mormons." We are also working on a book by the same name. We have had a good 30 responses to our column already this week, and I'm sure they will keep on coming in. For the most part everyone agrees with us. We did have 2 dissenters though. Because one of them is so classic (she's defending her use of Jello salads), I had to post it verbatim here.
"Just because the two of you don't like jello doesn't mean that others hate it, too. I wouldn't serve it at a wedding, but I have served a wonderful lemon, 7 up jello salad for guests and I didn't see any of them gag and wish I'd have left it off the menu! PS: I also know how to make marvelous green salads, potato salads, green bean salads, pasta salads -- you name it, but I think you went overboard on the jello angle!"

It may be a first, but someone has actually defended the use of Jello salads with green bean salads. Someone take that woman to a fancy restaurant and introduce her to real food!

Check us out this week if you get a chance-
We rock!
(just for you Juli!)

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  1. I still feel wierd knowing you're cyber-stalking me...


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