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Is Jared Ghetto or Not?

Ladies, may I introduce you to my friend Jared from Tampa. Today's question is, "Does this picture make Jared look ghetto?" and "Would you go out with him?" Feel free to put your responses in the "comments" section.

Pics of old friends

I dug up some fun pictures of old friends to send to someone, and figured why not post them here as well? Pictures on blogs are always more fun, right?
The infamous Adventure Date.
I am not just sporting cute pigtails here. This would be one of the few pictures remaining of me in fire department turnout gear. I'm soaking wet from "nozzle time" on a house fire.

Pride and Prejudice Rocks

It turns out Chris is a nice, smart, and yet horribly misguided fellow. On the nice and smart front, he admits to reading my column on a regular basis. So he can't be that bad. He's even commented on it multiple times on his blog. So we'll forgive him some bad writing, and retract the previously thought mean comments. However, he is horribly misguided. He's also commented many times on Pride and Prejudice, and not in a good way.

P&P is one of the best books ever written. Juli and I even "loosely based" our own book on P&P. Some of the best quotes ever come from Jane Austen-

I do not want people to be agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them.
Where so many hours have been spent in convincing myself that I am right, is there not some reason to fear I may be wrong?
Silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way. (From Emma)
A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of. (Mansf…

Thanks to some guy named Chris

Thanks to some guy named Chris from Cheyenne I am enjoying more page hits than usual right now. He's attempting to mock me on his own personal website right now, and actually put a link to mine on it. He is making some sort of attempt at mocking my column. He's not the first to read my column and not quite get the humor. If he really thinks I am "offering myself up as a prize" he's really nuts. Juli and I had a little fun with the column this week, and apparently some people actually think we are serious. I invite you all to go visit his blog and leave lovely remarks about him, as he has done for me. You can find him at . I'm just wondering if he really thought I wouldn't find out what he was saying? Be sure to read the comments section too! Someone has made up some interesting comments and attributed them to me and my father. "Her dad used to cancel sacrament meetings on Super Bowl Sunday." Anyone who has eve…

Nyquil is my Friend

Ever since getting back from Hershey Park I have been dealing with a cough, sore throat, congestion, etc. I thought it was just allergies and too much screaming on the roads. So I ignored it and kept a pretty crazy schedule last week. By Friday night I was starting to realize that maybe I am actually sick and should be taking it a bit easier. By Saturday morning, I knew I was really sick. So I gave in and bought the big time pills.
I rarely take medications that knock me out because they really do KNOCK ME OUT! So when I take Nyquil (or any other knock out med) I make a few arrangements first. #1- Use the bathroom. #2- Water by the bed. #3- Tissues by the bed. #4- Contacts out. #5- Eat. Nothing is worse than waking up starving. #6- Lock doors, change clothes, and remove any object from the area that I may use as a weapon against myself in a drug induced stupor.
I took the Nyquil around 5 pm, and was unconscious to the world shortly thereafter. Several hours later I woke…

Happy Birthday to the Best Tara Ever!

Happy Birthday Girl!

Go to her blog to leave her love notes and birthday wishes!

Rebekah's page

I learned about this blog from RubyG/Sherpa's page. And now I am passing it on to you. It is the sad story of a little girl with cancer.
Get the tissues out to read it. It is the daily updates from her mother on Rebekah's progress. There is a good chance she won't live many more days. But her parents have hope, and I hope everyone else will as well.

The Office Closet

For months now many of you have heard me refer to my office as the "closet." Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? This picture was actually taken AFTER I had cleaned up quite a bit, and moved several boxes out of my room. (I needed a place to walk.) Granted, I'm not the most organized, cleanest person in the world. But believe it or not, 95% of the stuff in this picture is not mine. You'll also notice there are 2 empty chairs. That is because 2 people really do share this room with me right now. Usually there is only 1 other person in there, but right now we are 'making room' for all 3 of us. Its been an adventure. Please also note that it is August and I am wearing a fleece pullover to keep from freezing in my office. Other details of note- Darth Tater sits above my head, watching over all that I do. There are at least 4 calendars all within a glance of my desk. My life revolves around calendars and scheduling. And that wall on the left- not one…

The Before Picture

One of the best rides we went on Saturday was the Grand Canyon Rapids, or something like that. There was a big sign warning us that "YOU WILL GET SOAKED" on this ride. We decided to test it, and took before and after pictures. (from left- Tara, me, Valerie (behind me), Kelli (next to me), and Rachel.) Please note the nice dry hair. It would be nine more hours before I was that dry again.
The after picture- SOAKING WET!!
Ever wonder where chocolate milk comes from? Hershey cows obviously!

Haircuts, Hershey, and Hurtful People

I love blogging. It brings me great joy to be able to mock my friends, mock stupid people (not quite the same as mocking my friends), and just relive funny stories. But I fear overblogging, and using all the good material at once, and not saving it for slow news days. Today I am torn between telling the story of the terrible haircut, the girls in Hershey Park, or just venting off on stupid people. So here are the nutshell versions of each-

1. Haircut- thankfully, no irreparable damage. But when the stylist asked me "does your hair always get this fuzzy?" I nearly choked. I believe the proper term is "frizzy." And the answer is "yes." So I humbly suggested she try "round brushing it." I thought every female in the world (let alone hair stylists) knew that that term means you pull the hair straight with the round brush and blow dry it at the same time, thereby straightening and de-frizzing it. But apparently this woman did not know that. She actual…

Lovely Ladies of Galax

I've been waiting to run out of interesting things to post before posting these gems. These are the pics from our great trip to Galax and Damascus last week. So without further ado, I bring you Joy, Kelli, and me- all looking are absolute loveliest!

For good luck, Kelly kisses the ugly man. She didn't enter the International Kazoo Championship though.

Joy likes dinosaurs. Especially the ones native to the Natural Bridge area of Virginia.

Everyone knows that if you pay $2 for a magnet sticker and put it on your car it means you support the war. Because all of that money is obviously going straight into the war efforts.

Possibly the most flattering picture ever taken of me. Really.

This is what Kelli looks like when she's not kissing ugly men.

The Sherpa in a stream.

Once there was a girl

Once upon a time there was a girl who thought she had a perfect life. But then one day through a series of unfortunate events and a very bad case of PMS, she messed it all up. She willingly took the blame and credit for the initial mistakes that lead to the downfall. But she could never have imagined there at the beginning of her downfall how much farther she could keep on sliding down the slippery slope. Everytime she thought she had her foot back on a rung on her way back up the ladder out of the pit she was in, she lost her footing. Or, as it seemed at the time, someone came and yanked her feet out from under her. One day things got so rough that she turned to the person next to her and abruptly declared that she had finally reached the lowest point ever. In what would become a telling moment in her life, but not for several more months, her companion and supposed friend very condescendingly told her that she hadn't yet seen pain or misery, and that she was just so spoiled that…

Happy Birthday Valerie

Love you, Babe!

Blogging to Mock Your Friends (because you can)

One of the best parts of having a blog is the ability to publicly mock your friends.
Juli had a snake get into her house (courtesy of her cat Leo). This is how she "caught" the snake.

Starving in Niger- a must read

It is no secret that I am contemplating a career with the Foreign Service. I have passed their written exam, and am scheduled in January to take the oral exams. I am still not entirely sure that I want to make that change in my life, but I am considering it. I have made some bad decisions in the past. I'd like to think I have learned from those choices, and won't repeat them. (more on this in a different post)

As I am considering the Foreign Service I am also thinking about which countries I have the most interest in, and where I would like to live. I can't stop thinking about Africa, so I've narrowed down my preferences to the entire continent now. In today's Washington Post, there is a very moving article and photo gallery on the malnutrition and global aid issues in Niger. ( After viewing the photo gallery, I can't help but think about what kind of a difference can I …

The Galax Trip

So imagine that you have just driven six hours into the Deepest South, the heartland of Appalachian America. You are at the Old Fashioned Fiddlers Convention, on "bluegrass band night" nonetheless, you are camping in the best place you can find, with a few hundred other people, in a used car lot/antique car museum/old fashioned ice cream shoppe (oh yes, that would all be one business), and yes, you are CAMPING in their used car lot, next to, of all things, the world's largest propane tank. (I will shortly have pictures to prove this.) Next to you the local teenage boys have been allowed to camp in Daddy's parking lot. They have a keg and apparently a lot of pot. They have a VW bus, old school style, popped top, with a tent off the side. Grateful Dead stickers everywhere, and a confederate flag (this is the Deepest South after all). (I didn't know you could mix the Dead with Johnny Reb, but apparently you can.) The boys have invited all of their friends, a…

A Hard Day's Work

Here's a few more fun pictures from all of our hard work with the Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office and the Fairhope Alabama Police Department. Somewhere in all of this I promise we did manage to sell a few guns.
Have fun with the pictures!
Blake and Chris practicing their forcible entry skills.
I promise that at some point during the day we actually got some real work done.
Tactical Timmy
Our new friend Hank. (He has no legs. Its rather sad really.)
:-) Having a Charlie's Angels moment
I call this one "Blake With Shotgun and Cell Phone," or just "Blake"
Blake likes to point out that he is taking a break from shooting to take an order. He had to put down his shotgun and pick up a pen- and take a rather impressive order.
Men at work
Does Hank look like a POW to you?
Boss Man Mike dared Chris to shoot a bullet through a paper clip. Chris did it in one shot. Here's the proof.
examining Chris' paper clip
Welcome to the Fairhope FOP Range.
You can only imagine how nervous we were when we we got to the range and found this "pond" in the front yard. Thankfully the rain stopped and the day went off without any more hitches.
Punching holes through paper.
Just some of the men hanging around waiting for their turn to shoot.
A little friend, Banana Spider, we made in Fairhope, AL. These little guys were everywhere. We were told they are not poisonous, but they do "hurt like a bee sting" if you get bit.
I am Hot Lips

A Hard Day's Work

More evidence that we worked (and played) hard in New Orleans and

What Goes on Bourbon Street, Stays on Bourbon Street Part 2

Just a little evidence of what goes on Bourbon Street.
Here's a little of what I didn't drink at Fat Catz that night. Ironically, there is a good chance that while this picture was being taken Chris was getting pickpocketed- evidence that some things DO stay on Bourbon Street.
Welcome Laurel back to the blog after a 6 month absense, and thanks to Master Blake for the incriminating evidence!

More of the Amazing Girlfriends

I couldn't get all of the pictures to post yesterday. Here's some more pics of my girls!

(I don't have enough pics of all my girls. There are plenty who should be here, but, alas, no good pics!)

Great Girlfriends

If there has been any theme to the summer it has been how great my girlfriends are! I've made some wonderful new friends this summer. You each know who you are. You are all amazing, gifted, and talented. Thank you for all your love and friendship!

A Friend is a Treasure A friend is someone we turn to, when our spirits need a lift. A friend is someone we treasure, for our friendship is a gift. A friend is someone who fills our lives, with beauty, joy and grace. And make the world we live in, a better and happier place.

When a Good Trip Gets Better and Yet Goes Bad

It is 2 am, and I have a choice. I can give the Pollyanna account of the day, tell you how great the demo went in Fairhope, etc. Or I can give you the rest of the details. But its 2 am. I'm going to just give you snippets.

Fairhope PD rocked. "I like girls who can shoot."
ALMOST got a police escort to the airport.
Did get a Fairhope PD tattoo though.
After making sure I had no ammo in my carry-on, accidentally took a 4 inch blade pocket knife through security. Ironically, it was the combo lock in my bag that got me stopped. But silly me, I blurted out, "Oh Crap! Is there a pocket knife in there?" Yeah, got searched pretty good for that one. There was a nice, engraved, 4 inch law enforcement specialty knife. I was "turned over" to the Mobile Police Dept. Where the cop really liked my knife and Beretta hat. I gave him my business card and promised to send him one. I offer to call the Chief of Police I had just spent the morning with to see…

Meet Abstract

Thanks to the miracles of photoshop, Abstract now has personalized "billboards" for its members. Enjoy! (and don't call Joy "Carrot Top," she hates that)

We Love Photo Shop