Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Blogging to Mock Your Friends (because you can)

One of the best parts of having a blog is the ability to publicly mock your friends.
Juli had a snake get into her house (courtesy of her cat Leo). This is how she "caught" the snake.


  1. Was she just planning on letting it die under there? Yikes.

  2. Hey Katie, when you have two small children screaming because a snake is in your house, you do what you have to do. I think MY way of catching it is more humane than what my husband did to it...and please don't ask. You will be required to report us to PETA if you know.

  3. do your children know?


  4. Funny... that isn't how I remember the story at all... You left out the part with the household cleaning supplies and frantic telephone calls while your husband laughed hysterically in the background.

  5. Hey, the cleaning supplies were only supposed to stun the snake long enough for me to get close enough to put the bowl on. The manly man was supposed to take it outside where it belonged. I love nature in NATURE, not in my living room. I am NOT the one who took the machete to the poor thing. And then he had the brass cahonies to make me feel guilty about it, because it was a good garden snake. Hello?!? He's not the squirrel kisser in the family.

    Have I mentioned I may start therapy because of all this? Still having flashbacks....Did I mention they brought a snake to Cali's class that week? Talked about how good snakes are. I may never recover.


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