Sunday, August 21, 2005

Haircuts, Hershey, and Hurtful People

I love blogging. It brings me great joy to be able to mock my friends, mock stupid people (not quite the same as mocking my friends), and just relive funny stories. But I fear overblogging, and using all the good material at once, and not saving it for slow news days. Today I am torn between telling the story of the terrible haircut, the girls in Hershey Park, or just venting off on stupid people. So here are the nutshell versions of each-

1. Haircut- thankfully, no irreparable damage. But when the stylist asked me "does your hair always get this fuzzy?" I nearly choked. I believe the proper term is "frizzy." And the answer is "yes." So I humbly suggested she try "round brushing it." I thought every female in the world (let alone hair stylists) knew that that term means you pull the hair straight with the round brush and blow dry it at the same time, thereby straightening and de-frizzing it. But apparently this woman did not know that. She actually turned off the blow dryer, put it down, and brushed my hair (my very thick and mostly frizzy wet hair) with the round brush. I could have stopped her and corrected her. But it was just more fun to see how awful she could really make it. (Please note, I would have stopped her if she was cutting it. The cutting was fine. It was the styling that I am mocking.) Next thing I know she has parted my hair down the center, and brushed my hair out to the sides. She even attempted to feather my hair out with a comb. But my hair was so tangled and frizzy (fuzzy?) that she couldn't get the comb through it. There was something intriguing about watching the train wreck happen. I just let her keep on going. It was awful! I have to admit though, rather than fixing it, I put on a hat before leaving the store. I haven't looked that horrid since the seventh grade.

2. The Hershey Park adventure with the girls was great. Valerie, Kelli, Tara, Rachel, and me! To see the great pictures, visit Tara's new picture site- . You can also read Tara's very fun account of the day on her blog- (see to your left for the link). My favorite part of the day had to be getting to see my cute new baby twin cousins. My cousin Kjell and his wife Susan brought their twin boys, Isaiah and Elijah, over to the park to hang out with us a while.

3. Venting off- Why can't people realize how much their actions affect other people? Multiple times in the last week I have found myself comforting friends who were hurt by the truly thoughtless actions of others. In not one instance was there malice or forethought. No one was intentionally hurt. But feelings were hurt because of the thoughtlessness of others. Why are people not more thoughtful and caring? Why do people not realize that their selfish behavior hurts other people? So today I am begging people to think just a little bit more before doing something or saying something thay may hurt another person. The world does not revolve around you. Your selfish acts have negative effects on perfectly innocent people. Think before being stupid! (possibly my best quote of the day)

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