Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Is Jared Ghetto or Not?

Ladies, may I introduce you to my friend Jared from Tampa. Today's question is, "Does this picture make Jared look ghetto?" and "Would you go out with him?" Feel free to put your responses in the "comments" section.


  1. Ghetto? No. Dancing operatic clown school grad...maybe, if he put some more makeup on. Despite the misguided hat choice, however, if I were still single, I might think he was hot. If he ditched the hat.

  2. I'd date him.

  3. ghetto? Definitely not.

    Would i go out with him? I need to talk to him first, but probably

  4. Wannabee ghetto. His shirt is too bright for real ghetto.
    But he's cute. I don't need to date "real" ghetto, anyway...there's plenty of that here in L.A. ;)


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