Sunday, August 28, 2005

Nyquil is my Friend

Ever since getting back from Hershey Park I have been dealing with a cough, sore throat, congestion, etc. I thought it was just allergies and too much screaming on the roads. So I ignored it and kept a pretty crazy schedule last week. By Friday night I was starting to realize that maybe I am actually sick and should be taking it a bit easier. By Saturday morning, I knew I was really sick. So I gave in and bought the big time pills.
I rarely take medications that knock me out because they really do KNOCK ME OUT! So when I take Nyquil (or any other knock out med) I make a few arrangements first. #1- Use the bathroom. #2- Water by the bed. #3- Tissues by the bed. #4- Contacts out. #5- Eat. Nothing is worse than waking up starving. #6- Lock doors, change clothes, and remove any object from the area that I may use as a weapon against myself in a drug induced stupor.
I took the Nyquil around 5 pm, and was unconscious to the world shortly thereafter. Several hours later I woke up in the pitch dark. I tried to turn on the lights, but nothing happened. So I got up, stumbled towards the loo, and WHAM! tripped over something in the hall. That something had not been there before, I was sure. But I climbed over it, and went to the loo anyway. No lights in there either. The power was out. In the complete darkness and in my drug induced stupor I stumbled towards the kitchen where I know there are some candles. BAM! Ran right into something. DANG! That hurt! Where am I? I don't have a table in the middle of the hall. This is all very, very odd. I blamed it on the Nyquil, and possible sleepwalking and went to the kitchen. I finally found a candle but couldn't find the matches. Then I remembered they are on the coffee table in the living room. Please keep in mind that when I say it is pitch dark- it is BLACK in my apartment. The streetlights are out and everything. I very cautiously walk towards the table, and BAM run into a pile of boxes. At this point I am very freaked out. I know there weren't boxes there when I went to sleep. I live alone. How did all of my furniture move while I was asleep? I found the matches and lit the candle. Woah! I recognize my couch, but everything else around me has changed or moved. I'm still rather confused, thanks to the Nyquil. Its my apartment, but how did all of this stuff get in here?? It occurs to me to find my blackberry and find out what time it is. Its only 10:30 pm. And there is an email from my new roommate, Anne, saying she is going to move a few things over this evening. Phew! Relief! I am NOT losing my mind! Apparently I slept straight through her moving in all of her furniture and boxes.
I took another round of Nyquil, went back to sleep, and woke up after 12 noon Sunday. I have forced myself to stay awake for the last 6 hours, but will be giving in to another round of Nyquil shortly. I know the sleep is helping me get over this nasty cold, but I still have a rough and croupy cough, and a few other maladies. Hopefully another 12 hours of sleep and decongestants will get me out of this.

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  1. Albuterol is MY friend;) Go to the doctor!


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