Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Office Closet

For months now many of you have heard me refer to my office as the "closet." Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? This picture was actually taken AFTER I had cleaned up quite a bit, and moved several boxes out of my room. (I needed a place to walk.) Granted, I'm not the most organized, cleanest person in the world. But believe it or not, 95% of the stuff in this picture is not mine. You'll also notice there are 2 empty chairs. That is because 2 people really do share this room with me right now. Usually there is only 1 other person in there, but right now we are 'making room' for all 3 of us. Its been an adventure. Please also note that it is August and I am wearing a fleece pullover to keep from freezing in my office. Other details of note- Darth Tater sits above my head, watching over all that I do. There are at least 4 calendars all within a glance of my desk. My life revolves around calendars and scheduling. And that wall on the left- not one thing in that wall belongs to me. I really do sit in someone else's closet. And if you are trying to find a gun in the picture, sorry, but there shouldn't be one in there. But who knows what is living under all those boxes!
Co-workers- (and Boss)- I love my job. I love my desk. I'm not complaining. I'm just "sharing" with the rest of the world. And I can't wait to move into my new double wide cubicle someday. Someday...

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  1. Oh my gosh. in there?!? Scott, are you reading this? Give your girl a double wide so she can take care of the guns like a good redneck girl. Because everyone knows all a redneck girl needs is a double wide and some chocolate to make her happy (and therefore productive!)


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