Monday, August 01, 2005

Royal Sonesta and Dumb People

The trip to New Orleans continues to go well. The show really picked up today, which was great. It was a madhouse in the booth all day, which, again, is great. It also means we're exhausted. But no one is complaining.
We had a customer come in today that was a real piece of work. First, he asks me who is in charge. I answered that I was. He looks entirely unconvinced, as if maybe I misunderstood the question. So he asked it again. Again I told him I was in charge. He looked at me as if I am possibly the stupidest person he's ever met. So he turns to Paul and asks him who is in charge. Paul points at me. Now, I should explain here that Paul is not a Beretta employee. He works for HH Brown, the shoe company we have partnered with. He knows absolutely nothing about guns. But that doesn't stop the gentleman. He asks Paul some questions about our Armorer program. I answer. The guy turns and looks at me like I have just screamed curse words in French at him. He looks back at Paul and asks him about the Benelli Nova on the wall. Again, I answer him. (Paul gladly sat back and amused himself while I tried to get this guy to believe me.) Now this guy is an older man, probably in his late 60's, overweight, balding, and extremely fashion challenged. He had that great ensemble going of an oversized polo shirt (with his name embroidered in large letters across the stomach), khaki shorts, pasty white legs, knee high black dress socks, and white sneakers, carrying a huge canvas bag. Now, I hate to come right out and say this guy was sexist, but let's not beat around the bush. First he had a problem with me being in charge (which I am). Next he had a problem with me knowing anything about guns. And then he explains to me where Chicago is on a map, and how there are police there in a club they call the FOP. (Please do bear in mind that we are at the FOP show, and therefore, I am vaguely aware of what the FOP is and does.) He then explains to me that Beretta has armorers (um, duh), and that we sent them to visit the Chi-FOP. But then he stops and says, (and I quote), "Maybe I should be telling this to someone else." So he turns and tells the rest to Paul instead. He then pays the Beretta armorers a very nice compliment. Apparently, my femaleness makes me incapable of even hearing and understanding a compliment! Never in all my life have I been treated so horribly. The dumb guy didn't know he was rude or stupid. He honestly didn't think I could be in charge or know anything about my own company. I chose to take the high road and not correct his mistakes. But GRRR!!! Why are men so dumb?! Women would never be that stupid!
Just for fun, here is a picture of the Royal Sonesta Hotel we are staying in this week. Its a beautiful boutique hotel on Bourbon Street. New Orleans is finally starting to grow on me. I'm no longer afraid to walk on the streets in daylight alone. However, today I was wearing flip flops and stepped in something wet on the street. I may have to cut off my foot to get the nastiness off.

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