Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Starving in Niger- a must read

It is no secret that I am contemplating a career with the Foreign Service. I have passed their written exam, and am scheduled in January to take the oral exams. I am still not entirely sure that I want to make that change in my life, but I am considering it. I have made some bad decisions in the past. I'd like to think I have learned from those choices, and won't repeat them. (more on this in a different post)

As I am considering the Foreign Service I am also thinking about which countries I have the most interest in, and where I would like to live. I can't stop thinking about Africa, so I've narrowed down my preferences to the entire continent now. In today's Washington Post, there is a very moving article and photo gallery on the malnutrition and global aid issues in Niger. ( After viewing the photo gallery, I can't help but think about what kind of a difference can I make if I do get to go to either Niger, or a nearby country. For a while now I have also been thinking about adopting a baby from an orphanage in Africa. (It was my idea before Angelina Jolie's.) How can anyone look at those poor little souls in those photos and not want to rescue one? How can we sit so idly by while such horrid conditions still exist?

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