Monday, August 29, 2005

Thanks to some guy named Chris

Thanks to some guy named Chris from Cheyenne I am enjoying more page hits than usual right now. He's attempting to mock me on his own personal website right now, and actually put a link to mine on it. He is making some sort of attempt at mocking my column. He's not the first to read my column and not quite get the humor. If he really thinks I am "offering myself up as a prize" he's really nuts. Juli and I had a little fun with the column this week, and apparently some people actually think we are serious. I invite you all to go visit his blog and leave lovely remarks about him, as he has done for me. You can find him at . I'm just wondering if he really thought I wouldn't find out what he was saying? Be sure to read the comments section too! Someone has made up some interesting comments and attributed them to me and my father. "Her dad used to cancel sacrament meetings on Super Bowl Sunday." Anyone who has ever met my father knows that is about the biggest bunch of crap ever written.

Meanwhile, Nyquil has run its course. I've moved on to Robitussin. Sleep is imminent.


  1. Hey Erin, I do what I can. Thanks for the link back to me ;)

    When you get a chance, check your yahoo mail. I, for one, would like to get this all straightened out.

    - Chris

  2. there's nothing like a blog war to rally the troops.


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