Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What Goes on Bourbon Street, Stays on Bourbon Street

First, the trade show wrapped today. Tomorrow begins the demo days. Cross your fingers for us! We have no idea how many people may or may not show up for the demos this week. Very nerve wracking.
In honor of a great show, and in keeping with tradition, we went out for a big group dinner tonight. In the past we have been to McCormick and Schmicks in LA, Treasure Island Steakhouse in Vegas, Ciao Bella's in Milwaukee, and some other big places. Tonight we went to Emeril's. As in the real live Emeril's restaurant. I wondered if it was possible for a restaurant to live up to the hype. How often does a restaurant get so hyped up as to make the chef a celebrity on toothpaste commercials? But I have to had it to them. Emeril's lived up to the hype. I had some sort of veal dish (not parmigiana), that was possibly the most amazing thing I have ever tried. The presentation was flawless, the food incredible, and creativity unrivaled. Truly one of the most amazing restaurants I have ever been in.
Now, it has been said that "what goes on Bourbon St, stays on Bourbon St." Except for all the video cameras... I decided to "come out of the closet" (inside joke) a little this evening and go out with the co-workers. Originally there was supposed to be a mechanical bull in the plan. But we never seemed to make it there. We started out at a place called Huge A** Beers, and really that alone should get me enough points for getting out of my comfort zone. After that we mosey-ed on over to Fat Catz where we mocked the white guys dancing, and a few members of our party partook of the Jello Shots.
I have been encouraged to blog about how great my co-workers are and how the guys are my personal bodyguards. And when I said that 30-something, balding, overweight guys were not the greatest catches, I didn't include my co-workers in that. They are far cooler than that. They don't need hair to be cool. In fact, the less hair the better.

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