Saturday, August 06, 2005

When a Good Trip Gets Better and Yet Goes Bad

It is 2 am, and I have a choice. I can give the Pollyanna account of the day, tell you how great the demo went in Fairhope, etc. Or I can give you the rest of the details. But its 2 am. I'm going to just give you snippets.

Fairhope PD rocked. "I like girls who can shoot."
ALMOST got a police escort to the airport.
Did get a Fairhope PD tattoo though.
After making sure I had no ammo in my carry-on, accidentally took a 4 inch blade pocket knife through security. Ironically, it was the combo lock in my bag that got me stopped. But silly me, I blurted out, "Oh Crap! Is there a pocket knife in there?" Yeah, got searched pretty good for that one. There was a nice, engraved, 4 inch law enforcement specialty knife. I was "turned over" to the Mobile Police Dept. Where the cop really liked my knife and Beretta hat. I gave him my business card and promised to send him one. I offer to call the Chief of Police I had just spent the morning with to see if that would get me out any sooner. He let me go before they finished doing the full social security background check. But I'm still getting a $300 fine for carrying banned items.
And then our flight was delayed.
And then we got to Charlotte.
And then our 7 pm flight became a 9 pm flight.
And then a 10 pm flight.
And then an 11 pm flight.
And somewhere in all that my wallet disappeared.
While scrambling through my bags desperately hoping for my wallet to appear, I find a 12 gauge shell (full- not shot) in my carry-on.
They checked me at least 3 times and ammo didn't get pulled?! Will that negate the $300 fine?
On the bright side, we rocked in Fairhope today.
I am so happy to be home and sleeping in my own house tonight I can't stop smiling.

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