Wednesday, September 21, 2005

lost house of the gilmore girls of law and order with arrested development at the crime scene

Against all of my better judgment I watched "House" this week. (Courtesy of TiVo.) And yes, I'm hooked. I loved it. And then I accidentally Tivo'd "Arrested Development." And yes, I'm hooked. A hole may be popping up in my busy TV schedule though if "Gilmore Girls" doesn't start getting better. And I think I can finally rule CSI: Miami out of my schedule. David Caruso just isn't doing it for me. But Christopher Meloni over on L&O:SVU still does. (always has)

But more importantly, let's talk about "Lost." Did anyone else see the "108" painted on the wall in the bunker? All of Hurley's numbers add up to 108! And there was a lady in the painting (thanks tara), AND in the bottom corner a little house with "sick" written next to it. And I think I also saw a little boy in the painting as well. So the painting is also a mural. But it still leaves us with the big question of how and why there is a quarantined bunker hidden underneath an island with full plumbing, electric, and antiquated computers? Among the oh so many other questions. I think the writers on this show must really have either the most difficult job in Hollywood thinking up the most bizarre plot twists, or the best job in Hollywood thinking of the most bizarre, unexpected plot twists.

Favorite line from tonight's "Lost" episode- "And sometimes people blow up on you, but you get to sleep in every day."


  1. All I can say.

    I am so confused by Lost.

    And so bored by Gilmore Girls.

    Oh, and I laugh at Arrested Development, even when the fonz was making out with another dude.

  2. Recommendation: since you have TiVo, you might want to check out Veronica Mars, too. After watching the first season on DVD. Very smart show, not your average teen show. In the first season, her best friend has been murdered, the fallout of which gets her dad ousted from his job as sheriff, so she assists her dad, solves little mysteries for classmates, and in the meantime attempts to solve her best friend's murder case, all while going to high school and dealing with the friendships and romances of same.

    I highly recommend it.


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