Saturday, September 17, 2005

A New Sort of Dilemma

I have a new dilemma before me. One I have never encountered before. I have too much to do. Now, you should be saying to yourself, "Um, EA, you are sort of known for always having too much to do, but doing it anyway." Yes, well, I know that. That is why this dilemma is so unique for me. I recently agreed to an online book club, so I need to finish reading, "Brave New World." Plus with the new Harry Potter movie coming out, I have to go back and re-read books 2 and 3, and watch movie 2. One must be fully up to speed before seeing the movies. (And don't even get me started on how much reading I have to do before "Chronicles of Narnia" comes out!) I have started 3 major knitting projects, and have a 4th in my head I want to do. You can't read and knit at the same time. I've tried. It doesn't work. There is a new Institute of Religion class I want to take on Wednesday nights. But my old class, that I don't want to leave, is on Wed nights. You can't knit in class either. Its rather frowned upon. And I'd probably look pretty stupid trying. Next, it is the new TV season. This means all new episodes of "Desperate Housewives," "Grey's Anatomy," "Gilmore Girls," "Lost," "West Wing," "The OC," "L&O:SVU," "CSI: regular," and "CSI: Miami" to watch. Plus I am already getting into the new show, "Reunion," and there are a few more shows that look fun too. So already we are up to 10 hours of TV watching. There's a lot of knitting to be done in 10 hours. Now, thankfully, I do have TiVo, so I can narrow the 10 hours down to 8. And it all doesn't have to be done on the actual night it airs. I'm thinking I have Monday nights free, so I could squeeze in a lot of TV on Monday nights. But who are we kidding? I can't wait until Monday night to find out about all of those shows! (Maybe the detective shows.) Someone, or the radio, will ruin it for me by then. Oh, and hockey is finally back. (I HEART the NHL.) Someone has to go cheer for the Caps. And I think that someone should be me.
So where is the dilemma? I have a life! I'm never home to start with! How am I supposed to keep up with my media addictions (books, movies, and TV) and keep my life up at the same time? Multi-tasking can only get me so far here! Something has to give, and I have no idea what it is going to be!
(And please, everyone, stop suggesting I also get addicted to "House," "24," and "Alias." I just don't have time for them too! Don't forget, come January I have an "American Idol" addiction that must be fed too!")
So I apologize in advance to any and all friends who I might have to blow off in the upcoming months in order to feed my addictions. I'll be back soon. Just as soon as the reruns start.

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