Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Taking the Challenge

A few months ago President Gordon B. Hinckley, the president and prophet of the church I attend, ( challenged all members of the Church to read the entire Book of Mormon by Dec 31, 2005. There are 531 pages in this book. Its in the same sort of type print that a typical Bible comes in. So in other words, tiny little print. So its not just 531 pages. Its 531 pages of tiny print of religious doctrine. I have been attempting off and on to read the Book of Mormon daily, but I'm not very diligent. But I decided tonight to really commit and actually do it. And to force myself to do it, I am blogging it. So I will now periodically give little updates as to my progress, just so I can be held to it. There are roughly 100 days left in the year, which means I have to do roughly 5 pages a day. Tonight I am starting with the Book of Alma, pages 207-213 (Alma chapters 1 and 2). Wish me luck! (And for those of my non-LDS friends trying to figure out why I am starting on pages 207- its like the Bible. I am reading it by book, not necessarily by page number. But I will eventually go back and read the first 200 pages as well.)

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