Thursday, September 08, 2005

Volunteer work can be fun

A few weeks ago the McLean Stake Mid-Singles sponsored a volunteer service project at the DC Village Family Emergency Homeless Shelter. The families there were living in what appeared to be a converted nursing home. Imagine the typical nursing home bedroom, with hospital bed, small closet, and tiny bathroom, and put a whole family in there. These were humble means to say the least. We were originally scheduled to go up and do some landscaping and paint the playground. But Mother Nature had other plans for us, and we moved inside to escape the rain. I made a last minute trip to Target to grab a few toys to play with, in case we needed to entertain the kids for a while. As you can see from the pictures below, its a good thing I made that quick pitstop. The toys were a huge success. In addition to playing with the kids, we also served lunch (hot dogs and chili brought over from the soup kitchen), and sorted clothing and school supplies.

Braiding hair was a VERY popular past time. Here's Jill being a good sport while a little friend does who knows what to her hair.

Valerie's hair was also very popular for all would-be hairdressers. Valerie was also our chief photographer. Thanks for the pics!!

In what could not be a less appealing game to me, the kids LOVED to spray shaving cream on the table and just go to town making messes. As with all good games though, it comes to an abrupt end when somebody loses an eye (or gets shaving thrown in their face). (You can spot me in the background explaining to a child that "No, I will not give you my cell phone. No, I don't care who you want to call with it. And no, I don't care if you think you know how to use it.")

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