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Happy Halloween

My office gets VERY into Halloween. I have seen some lumberjacks, Jason, The Statue of Liberty, a nurse, and more in the offices today. Ann is our resident cheerleader (let's hear it for fitting into a 4th grader's uniform!), and I am a smarty-pants. Or smartass, depending on how I am feeling about things. But more importantly, I get to wear a "Bite Me" shirt to work today. And that makes it ALL worth it.

Next Great Invention

The greatest TV inventions of the last few decades would obviously be the VCR, followed by the DVD player, followed by flat screen TV's and high def, and the most important of them all, the DVR (or TiVo). Let me tell you what the next great TV invention will be. It came to me tonight as I was watching TiVo on my not-so-high-def-non-flat-screen TV. I love TiVo (DVR) and all of the freedom and options it gives me. The next great thing will be an extension of TiVo, and I guarantee you it will happen. When watching "digital television" you will soon be able to see a commercial for an upcoming show and click a magic little button that will record the show. You will no longer have to sort through the online guide to find a show. You will soon be able to see a commercial and select it automatically. Trust me. I'm always right about these things.

How to Beat a Bad Mood

So I've had a headache, fever, and bad mood for several days now. I've been trying very hard for the last 24 hours to shake the mood off. I've done everything- retail therapy (can you believe i couldn't find ANYTHING to buy unnecessarily at Target??), Halloween party, shameless flirting, sunshine, physical exercise, trashy novels, and indulging in any food that struck my fancy. I even knitted and watched movies. And after 24 hours of intense mood rehab all I can say is I'm getting there. I'm far from Pollyanna, but I don't hate as many things today as I did yesterday, and that's gotta be worth something.

I did manage to find a Halloween costume. But I should preface that it fits my attitude problem. I will share what the costume is after I wear it to work on Monday.

In the meantime, I have another rant to share. (and then maybe a second one) There's a new TV commercial out there for Direct TV. It starts with a dad sitting on the couch, and…

Saying Goodbye to Maggie May

Maybe it doesn't make sense to some how it is I have become so emotionally attached to a little girl I have never met. But it doesn't have to make sense to you, as long as it always makes sense to me. I feel for her parents, her young mother, and her big wonderful family that loved her so much to keep up a website about her sweet little life. I can't think of any way to say goodbye to this little angel other than to post the lyrics to the song she was named for.

Wake up maggie I think I got something to say to you
It’s late september and I really should be back at school
I know I keep you amused but I feel I’m being used
Oh maggie I couldn’t have tried any more
You lured me away from home just to save you from being alone
You stole my heart and that’s what really hurt
The morning sun when it’s in your face really shows your age
But that don’t worry me none in my eyes you’re everything
I laughed at all of your jokes my love you didn’t need to coax
Oh, maggie I couldn’t have tried …

Tired of Being Tired of Everything, or Why Do I have to be the Good Guy?

Do you ever just reach the point where you just can't take it anymore? You are tired of being tired of everything? You just don't want to be the good guy anymore? You just need to yell and complain and have people understand that you just don't care about their quirks, needs, egos, and petty little problems anymore? Welcome to exactly how I am feeling at this moment.

Things I am Tired of at this Very Moment (not that I think you should care, because you shouldn't. if i did expect you to care i would be a complete hypocrite. but this is my blog and well, quite frankly, if i can't vent it out here, where can i vent it out? my blog, my world. get over it.)
1. Tiptoe-ing (my blog, my spelling) around egos. Get over it and just let people do their jobs.
2. Girls with massive jealousy issues. Guess what girls?! Sometimes ex-boyfriends are just that! EX-boyfriends. You can be friends. It is possible. (maybe I should clarify this one- girls- it is possibl…

Unexpected Emotional Surprises

You never know when life is suddenly going to flip your world upside down and change the course of tomorrow. Just when you think each day will greatly resemble the last will probably be just about the time that life will choose to play one of its cruel tricks on you. Without going into much detail, something that I thought was hidden and buried deeply in the past came back to bite me in the butt. I've been very upset and emotional over this little event. I could write for hours about this dark event from my past and how much I have learned and grown from it. But I'd rather tell you about the more valuable lesson I learned tonight. No matter how difficult life is, how hard things are, dismal, dark, gray, and sad, there will always be someone who has it worse. A few hours ago, maybe even just a few minutes ago, I would have told you that I take the prize for worst emotional experiences in a day. But I've learned my lesson now.
Every day I read through my "blog roll"…

Single Life Never Looked So Pathetic

Okay, I have a confession to make. I had the most boring single woman's weekend ever. A lot of that was due to cold medicine that knocked me out. I slept 12 straight hours on Friday night and Saturday night. I did manage to get up and do a few small things both afternoons, followed by 3 hour naps both days, which is always nice. So basically, most boring weekend ever.
And then tonight, feeling a little stir crazy, I went to a fireside for singles. (For the non-mormons reading this a fireside is basically a lecture on a religious topic.) The speaker related his experiences as a volunteer in Sri Lanka following the tsunami. It was an interesting fireside. But looking around the room was absolutely depressing. (Our firesides have pretty pathetic turnout, but we're working on that.) There was maybe 25 people in the room, of which 5 of us were the McLean Stake council, so deduct us from the equation (the only 5 of us under the age of 40). So that leaves us with 20, of which 5 were …

Red Arrow Wants to Probe Me??

Sick Story
What do you do when you are sick? Do you have your own little routine for muddling through? My method is similar to most I think- DVD's, couch, blanket, force others to wait on me hand and foot. But tonight I have no servants, so I'm forced to watch my Indian films AND fetch my own ice cream and fluids. My thing is Indian films when I am sick, but I don't know why. I did get out of the cooking thing by ordering Dr Delivery- Indian food of course. I figure the curry just might decongest me if I am lucky. And as everyone knows it is important to have just the right blanket and clothing when you are sick. For me it is a discontinued long sleeve Beretta t-shirt I can't believe we ever sold. But its big and comfy, and works perfectly when looks don't matter. And my favorite sweatpants- obviously. And for some reason I don't like my regular blanket when I am sick. It has to be my special "sick day" blanket.
So I'm in the ugliest o…

Time to Strike

OK..The Official OWNER of this blog is down with a temporary case, of a fatal disease.

The Bird Flu. Only 98 percent of those who have the Bird Flu actually die, so lets all wish EA a speedy recovery. Hopefully since she is the first case of the actual Bird Flu in the United States, we will see more of her on the news. I personally enjoy the thought of Miss. EA as some kind of a test case for all kinds of experiments and probing.

Her sacrifice will result in good for all mankind.

Now having said all that...I am going to offer up a service here.....The guys that read this Blog at times are subjected to numerous beatings at the hands of very nice lady's, who because of major surges of misplaced estrogen, attack men for no reason. I mean come on....the guy sent a smiley face! I have a duty here.

Also, I won a bet that if something did not happen, then I could be a guest blogger for a session. I have one shot at posting a Guest Article. Well I had issues with that, so I actually n…

i think i have the avian bird flu

the avian bird flu and you
i got up doing just fine this morning. at lunch i was doing just fine. i left work feeling a little haggard, but doing fine. by dinnertime i was miserable and exhausted. by 8 pm i had fallen asleep fully dressed and completely sick. this is the fastest acting sick i have ever had. it usually takes days to build up to this kind of misery. this was not the start to the weekend i was hoping for.

List Updates (who knew people cared so much for my non-existant love life?)
I continue to think men are not worth listing or labeling. Two days and counting. That may be a record for me. But in other news, someone has compared me to Charlotte from "Sex and the City." A Mormon Charlotte, or Charlotte without the sins. Interesting. Its funny though. I think she's way too romantic to for me.

Wow, I've been awake for 40 minutes and I'm already exhausted again. Back to bed for bonzo.


As Seen at the DMV
-Man in blue running suit and t-shirt carrying a "man bag." A lovely, black leather, with little silver clasps, man bag. Clearly NOT a briefcase. At least he was carrying it with the long strap, and not hooking it over his shoulder with the little two straps.
-Nice looking woman with her 5 teenagers who were clearly old enough to be home alone. And they behaved as if they really wanted to be at home. Who drags teenagers around against their will??
-Haggard looking younger woman with her 3 children. Why do people take so many children to a place where it is expected you will sit in line for HOURS? Say it with me- BABYSITTER. Become friends with the lady and the 5 teenagers. Do each other a favor.

Update on the "List"
It was a simple day for me. I remove them all from the list. Tomorrow I start all anew with guys. I invite the world to bring it on and impress me with decent guys!

Random Musings
I have not had carbs since Saturday night. I…

random pictures found on my computer


Things About Guys That Make No Sense

Once upon a time Jules and I wrote a column called "A Single Girl's List." Since then I have had a few requests for updates, or at least further developments. So today, I bring you, "A Single Girl's List as of 9:29 pm on Oct 18."

Guy #1 (blogged about below in "a blog of luv") was his usual almost charming self. We flirt, we laugh, we annoy the hell out of each other. In other words, no progress was made in any direction. But he went out of his way yet again to get my attention, and then does nothing with it.

Guy #2 is asking for a place on my list. He hasn't really earned a place yet, but he's trying. And guys do get points for trying. But so far, I just don't know him very well, so no place yet. (except that i gave him a number) But he lost big points today. I was in a stinky mood most of yesterday, which he knew, and so today he sent me an email with just a happy face and the words, "Hope this makes you happy today.&qu…

Cooking for One

I came to my own personal epiphany today regarding cooking for one. I actually like cooking, but when it comes to cooking for myself, I have NO interest. In fact, I just don't do it. I really can't stand it. And today I think I figured out why. In the "other world" (where people are married or live with families) someone either has the job of being the person who works in an office, off-site, all day long, fighting the traffic, and coming home. And the other person has the job of working at home all day and preparing the meals. (Please note the ever PC way of making it clear that BOTH parties are doing equal amounts of work.) But back to my point. Its been engrained in us since our first day of kindergarten when we came home to a snack prepared by mom, that when we leave the house to work, someone will be at home to feed us. But now all of a sudden, here in the world where no one prepared us for life as a singleton, nobody cooks for us. Nobody told us the …

An Amazing Race

Saturday was the long awaited "Amazing Race." Ashburn and McLean Stake Mid-Singles got together for a BBQ and Amazing Race around Washington DC.

2:30- Arrive Stake Center for team dividing. Each team is assigned a "Phil." (I got to be a Phil!)

2:31- Off to the Metro to find "the world's largest collection of Shakespeare" where the teams had to act out Caesar. Larry made an excellent Caesar, falling to the ground and everything.

After stunning tourists everywhere with our dramatics, we had to find a tourist at the Capitol Building to explain "How a Bill Becomes a Law." I don't know how well we did at explaining, but we did have a lot of fun listening to our tourist explain to us why Cheney should be impeached.
(Sidenote- all of these activities were being video taped. I can only post the pictures from the day, and not the videos unfortunately. I'm trying to find a server to host my videos.) (I should also explain that as "Phil" …
After the fun at the Capitol building we had a "roadblock" where we had to stop and delegate one person to eat a fully loaded hot dog. Larry managed to down it in less than 60 seconds! (when i figure out how to load video- there's a great shot of this)

Next- off to the WWII Memorial to find the bas-statue entitled "Pearl Harbor." Sounds easy enough, right? Well, funny thing about that- the bas-statues are not labeled! But, as always, we succeeded!

Next it was off to the "memorial of the 32nd President" to find a certain quote. Here's my team at FDR!
And what do you do after the FDR? Go to the Vietnam Wall and find the Virginians having a birthday, of course. Unless of course time is getting short... Do you walk all the way back across the Mall? Or take a cab? The pictures below should clarify what we did!

At the Wall we ran into 2 of the other teams- just behind us! It was literally a race to see which team could get to the Metro first. Our team beat them on to the train by literally seconds. The other team wasn't completely there yet, so they missed the train, and therefore- LOST! We won! Ha ha!

I Heart Visual Organizers

Only a true event planner can get excited by a new calendar. The 2005 show calendar is on the left, and the beautiful 2006 calendar on the right just waiting for me to fill it all up!

But before I can fill it all up I have to get through this lovely pile of work. Behold the inbox-

From the Baby Sisty Ugler's Blog

I was perusing the Baby Sisty Ugler's personal website today and found something rather amusing on it. Something that would describe me perfectly, but instead, my sister has used it to describe herself. I'm greatly amused by the fact that something could be used to describe me at 30ish, that also describes her at 16. I would never have been described like this at age 16. I was far too insecure and not "me" yet back then. I love that Steph's got the guts to be herself so young. (Sorry, I won't be linking her website to this one since she is under 18 and I prefer to keep the creeps away from her. And I get the distinct feeling that some of you are a little creepy at times!)

Steph on Steph--

I Want A Guy Who...-Makes me laugh.-Opens doors for me.-Walks on the outside of a sidewalk so he can kill the the bad guys that try to steal me.-Isn't always too busy to drive across town to see me.-Treats me like a princess.-Hugs me when i'm sad.-Calls to make sure I …

Responsible Me Bores Me

I was reading on another blog (Hardy's) his feelings on being responsible, etc. It struck a chord in me. The last few weeks I have had to put the fun aside and just be the Responsible Me. Responsible Me is not very fun. She works long hours and goes home on Friday nights to sleep and do laundry and other responsible things. She doesn't get out much during show season. You would think the Real Me would get to bust loose on the weekends, but she doesn't. Real Me is far too closely related to Responsible Me which means her outside of the office life she has responsibilities too.
Something else I have noticed is that when Responsibile Me is done taking over, Real Me has an uphill battle getting back into the social swing of things. The singles social scene around here moves so fast that just 3 or 4 weeks out of the loop is a death sentance. Five weeks ago I was busy every single night. Life was very very social. But just a few weeks of being forced to act like an a…

Comments Section

It has been brought to my attention that not everyone knows about the comments section. Everyone is welcome to leave comments. And everyone can read the comments other people make.

And everyone should be wondering what happened to guest blogger Blake. Where did he go? Why has he not blogged??

A Blog of Luv

It has been brought to my attention multiple times recently that I don't blog about my love life. There are reasons for this, primarily being that pretty much most of the guys I have been interested in this year may have been reading the blog. So I couldn't exactly same something about them now could I? I run into the same problem with my column. I would LOVE to entertain the masses with stories of my present love life, but the problem is that most people that the stories would involve (and as we all know my stories tend to involve large amounts of mocking) read the column. This creates a problem for me. Entertain the masses? Or keep my friends? Hmm... Dilemmas, dilemmas. But today I will throw caution to the wind. Even if the man in question does read the blog (which i don't think he does), I seriously doubt he would recognize my side of the story.

To come clean on the story, I've been harboring a horrible crush on this guy for a year now. I did everything to hide it f…

Cousin Katrina's Wedding

Saturday was another big family wedding for the extended McBride clan. Katrina Skeen married JC Rice. My cousin Jonathan McBride was the wedding photographer, and trust me, he's good! You can check out J's amazing photography and Katrina's insanely photogenic portraits by clicking on the title to this entry, or by clicking here . And be sure to see the cute picture of me making friends with baby cousin Annalisa (cousin Aprilanne's baby) here- . And my brilliance with decorating the getaway car unanticipated with chocolate frosting and mini marshmallows .

To my count there are now 34 1st cousins, 7 cousin in-laws, and 11 great-grandchildren in the McBride Clan of my generation. (It is highly likely that I am off by a person or two.) The oldest first cousin is Tamigene (we're excluding the in-laws here since I have no clue what their a…

technical difficulties

so i have been suffering massive technical difficulties over the last 2 weeks. my laptop gave up the ghost the day i arrived in miami. and then it took IT several attempts to decide it couldn't be fixed. so ask of 2 hours ago, i finally have been reunited with my hard drive installed into a newer laptop.

here's what you've missed in my non-blogging while we all suffered from my technical difficulties.

ausa finally ended with considerably less drama than it began. (more to come on that subject.)

i cleaned out my closet. its amazing the things we will resort to doing when we don't have internet at home.

my cousin katrina's wedding. see pic below.

more thoughts on mormon weddings and festivities to follow soon. and lots of pics of the extended family.

the foo-eezer concert. foo fighters, weezer, and kaiser chiefs all in one beautiful concert during which i discovered the joys of puking in a public restroom during a rock concert. after the plague came out of me the though…

you know its a bad day when...

Another day, another trade show. Possibly the worst trade show experience ever. The kind of bad day that makes you want to quit this line of work and become a waitress.

Yes, it was that bad.

First, when we got to our booth there was nothing there. There was a carpet (which means they had to have received our order forms) and a sign with out name on it. No boxes, no chairs, no tables. Nothing else. Just a blue carpet.

We were in aisle 800. I had to schlep it all the way down to aisle 4700 to talk to exhibitor services. They, of course, apologized profusely, sent someone over to our booth to confirm that I was telling the truth, and promised immediate attention. 10 mins pass. 20 mins pass. 30 mins pass. 45 mins pass!! At this point I decide to pay them another visit. Miraculously 2 tables appear at our booth. Not the tables we ordered, but hey, its a start. We are no longer just standing there in a 10x20 space with gun cases. We couldn't even open the cases because…

Before and After Shots

One of my favorite parts about trade shows is the evolution of the trade show floor. It is amazing to me what can be built and torn down overnight.

Here are some before shots, and the after shots. I'm standing in the same place for both shots, just 24 hours apart. Sorry about the bad lighting, but that is just another one of the side effects of trade show life. There is precious little lighting the day of set up and tear down, and even less a/c. Needless to say we were melting in Miami.

Just for fun, here's some of our show staff on the top floor of the booth. From left to right we have Blake, Ed, Ann, Mike, me, Craig, Len and Jay. Chris, Laurel, Kelli, Glenn, Scott, Van and Charlie had not yet arrived.

Pictures with little explanation

Blake makes a new friend.
Laurel discovers wasabi at the Japanese Peruvian Brazilian restaurant we went to.

The closest I could come to getting a picture of Scott.
We had a "no blackberries in the booth rule." Please note how Kelli and Laurel are not technically in the booth.


Attempting to get the pictures all up

When I have my laptop I have a lovely program called Picasa to post pictures with and make blogging easier. But right now I am sans laptop, and trying pathetically to blog on someone else's computer. I can't begin to explain how and why all of yesterday's blogs went up in reverse order. But they did. When I am reunited with my laptop I will correct those mistakes. In the meantime, enjoy all of these pictures from Miami in reverse order as well.

Celebrity Sightings in Miami

The first celebrity that I spotted in Miami was Michael Weiss. Michael who? Michael Weiss. You know, "Jarod from the Pretender." Still means nothing to you? Try this-

He drove a very nice Ferrari and was also staying in our hotel. I ran into him every day we were there. According to the hotel staff that I talked to he was very nice and tipped well. He also always looks very sleepy.

The next celebrity sighting was in our booth. Blake apparently saw him first, and somehow managed to get up to him and invite him into our booth and even showed him our products!

Shaq is freaking huge. He's also a volunteer police officer in Miami, hence is appearance at the show. Rumor has it he is also a celebrity endorser for one of our major competitors.

But with Blake doing the sales pitch here, I'm sure we'll convert him soon enough. (But of course Chris will close the deal, seeing as Miami is his territory, and not Blake's.)

Please note how Sh…

More of the Players

There's nothing wrong with this picture of Chris. But my favorite part of it is the guy in the background yawning. I know his name, but since I don't have his permission to mock him, I won't use it here. Apparently he doesn't find trade show life very interesting.
On the other hand, I do have Ann's permission to use this one picture of her. Thank you, Ann.
This was Glenn's first show. From what I understand it will also be his last. He wasn't so fond of trade show life either. But I do have to thank him for loaning me his camera for the week!
Do these look like the same color to you? Didn't think so!

Booth Surprises

So after the surprises and non-upgrade at the hotel (honestly, you ALWAYS upgrade the planner's room! everyone knows this!! what were they thinking!?), I went over to the convention center. Happily it was only 2 blocks away, which is so much better than we had it in New Orleans and Los Angeles. (But not as close as it was in Vegas.) Set up of a trade show can be a) completely disastrous (see last year's experiences in Vegas when the booth fell on our heads- not the 2 story one thankfully), b) nearly disastrous (see last year's experience in LA when I lost my cool with show management over stupid rules), c) hard work, and d) completely done by someone else so that I never have to know if a, b, or c happened. This year was a combination of c and d.

When I got to the booth our install company was happily on site doing their thing. Much to my surprise though, they didn't look happy, and were pulling up the carpet. We (and by we, I mean mostly me and a few superiors that ag…
For a few hundred dollars a night you would think the hotel could afford a real closet, or at least a dresser. But no, instead I got some sort of Ikea shoe rack instead. I guess when they were decorating the rooms they figured people would want a flat screen tv more than a dresser??
I have to admit that this was one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept on. Lots of sweet dreams for me all week! But of what, I cannot tell you!

More from Miami

I left for Miami on Friday, to be the one man advance team for show setup. The general idea is to get there before everyone else and make sure there are no surprises in store. My first big surprise was when I arrived at the hotel. My reservation was for a double/double non-smoking room. And because I am the group coordinator booking out the bulk of a hotel, I'm expecting an upgrade on the side. So when I checked into my king smoking wheelchair accessible room with no closet or dresser, I was a bit annoyed. Please see pics below.

I went down to the front desk to "kindly" inform them that I am the group coordinator that booked out their hotel, and they messed up my reservation, and maybe they have a room available for me in the corner on a higher floor. They kindly let me know that they didn't mess up my reservation, and that they put me in a nice room. Strike 1. Strike 2 and 3 came when they messed up my bosses' reservation and another group member's reservat…

Still No Laptop

Honestly, one whole week without my lifeline. The withdrawal pains are nearly crippling I tell you! I do finally have a dinosaur of a computer to use at work in the meantime, with absolutely no threat of becoming temporarily attached to it. It still runs Win 98, and weighs about 10 lbs I think. When did I become such a techno-geek?