Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Blog of Luv

It has been brought to my attention multiple times recently that I don't blog about my love life. There are reasons for this, primarily being that pretty much most of the guys I have been interested in this year may have been reading the blog. So I couldn't exactly same something about them now could I? I run into the same problem with my column. I would LOVE to entertain the masses with stories of my present love life, but the problem is that most people that the stories would involve (and as we all know my stories tend to involve large amounts of mocking) read the column. This creates a problem for me. Entertain the masses? Or keep my friends? Hmm... Dilemmas, dilemmas. But today I will throw caution to the wind. Even if the man in question does read the blog (which i don't think he does), I seriously doubt he would recognize my side of the story.

To come clean on the story, I've been harboring a horrible crush on this guy for a year now. I did everything to hide it from him and the rest of the world. I knew throughout that time though that he was harboring a little crush on me too. A while ago he decided to start coming clean on that with me, and has really unhidden his little crush. And that has been fun for me! I actually get to flirt with him publicly now and enjoy it. It used to be something that rarely happened and only when no one was watching. But now he's moved us out into the open, and I have to say, its a lot more fun.

But here's the problem. He's not making good on his flirting, and this drives me crazy. Nothing is more annoying than a guy who flirts and makes little advances, but never asks you out, or makes a really definitive move. I like the guy. He likes me. So why the hell doesn't he do something about it? Honestly! The guy may very well lose all points with me shortly if he doesn't do something about it. I can only play this little game with him so long.

I have nothing more to say on this subject. Just needed to vent!


  1. I think mormon guys (if he's mormon..) have some bad problems when it come comes with dealing with the opposite gender.

    especially when we get older.

    Good luck with the man ;)

  2. Oh ----------I KNOW !!!!!!


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