Sunday, October 02, 2005

Celebrity Sightings in Miami

The first celebrity that I spotted in Miami was Michael Weiss. Michael who? Michael Weiss. You know, "Jarod from the Pretender." Still means nothing to you? Try this-

He drove a very nice Ferrari and was also staying in our hotel. I ran into him every day we were there. According to the hotel staff that I talked to he was very nice and tipped well. He also always looks very sleepy.

The next celebrity sighting was in our booth. Blake apparently saw him first, and somehow managed to get up to him and invite him into our booth and even showed him our products!

Shaq is freaking huge. He's also a volunteer police officer in Miami, hence is appearance at the show. Rumor has it he is also a celebrity endorser for one of our major competitors.

But with Blake doing the sales pitch here, I'm sure we'll convert him soon enough. (But of course Chris will close the deal, seeing as Miami is his territory, and not Blake's.)

Please note how Shaq makes Blake look downright petite in comparison!

The third celebrity sighting was late Sunday night. We discovered that our hotel is a major South Beach hot spot for the rich, famous, and plastic on Sunday evenings. I had never seen anything like it before. Back in the pool area there was music, dancing, drinking, and schmoozing that until now I had only seen in movies and CSI: Miami. The women were in the tiniest bathing suits ever seen (did I mention it was about 11 pm?), with more lipo and "work" done than can be considered reasonable. Quite frankly, everyone back there looked like they were 'someone.' There were even professional dancers up on a stage with spotlights and fans on them. But the only truly famous face I saw was Jamie Foxx (, who is filming Miami Vice at our hotel right now. When we first walked back there I was completely intimidated by the women. I believe my words were, "I'm a huge nasty cow." But after a while, I started to realize how fake and not pretty these "beauties" were. From a distance they were amazing to look at- pictures from a magazine. But up close (or at least as soon as you could hear their conversations), you couldn't help but notice how unnatural they were. Or in some cases, almost freakish to look at. Michael Jackson apparently is not alone in his love for plastic surgery. I think I am happy with me just the way I am.

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  1. Michael Weiss is one of my favorite celebrity meets too. Yummy!

    Keep in mind..I was a bit heavier then...


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