Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cooking for One

I came to my own personal epiphany today regarding cooking for one. I actually like cooking, but when it comes to cooking for myself, I have NO interest. In fact, I just don't do it. I really can't stand it. And today I think I figured out why. In the "other world" (where people are married or live with families) someone either has the job of being the person who works in an office, off-site, all day long, fighting the traffic, and coming home. And the other person has the job of working at home all day and preparing the meals. (Please note the ever PC way of making it clear that BOTH parties are doing equal amounts of work.) But back to my point. Its been engrained in us since our first day of kindergarten when we came home to a snack prepared by mom, that when we leave the house to work, someone will be at home to feed us. But now all of a sudden, here in the world where no one prepared us for life as a singleton, nobody cooks for us. Nobody told us the day we graduated from "dependent" to "Singleton" that part of that transition requires doing it all by yourself. Of course, we subconciously knew all of this. We knew that we had to pay the bills, clean the bathroom, buy the groceries, etc all by ourselves. But somehow, here at age nearly 31, its very different from when I was 24. When I was 24 I was still willing to think that Ramen noodles mixed with cooked frozen peas was actually a decent dinner. And I ate it out of the pot, naturally. But now at nearly 31, I have become slightly Ramen adverse. And frozen peas hold even less appeal now than they did then. I actually want real meals. But years of sensitizing have taught me that if I have worked hard away from home, someone is supposed to cook me a good meal when I get home! And now as I grow up and work harder and harder, the more I need that good meal at home. Ramen and peas are not going to fuel my current lifestyle. I need real food. But I have to cook it myself. And that just sucks.


  1. I do like to cook, but cooking for one takes such an inordinate amount of TIME for the little results. You're either making a little amount of stuff but spending the same amount of time preparing as if feeding a family of five, or you make enough for a family of five, and are eating chili for a week.

    I have, however, realized that if I make a good homemade soup--like the homemade chili I love--it freezes well, and it makes for easy lunches. I freeze them in those little Ziploc bowls, in individual servings. It's so much cheaper than going out to eat. Then I just let it thaw in my desk all morning, and vary it by bringing rice to put it on one day, crackers or cheese to put in it another, etc. Vary that with fresh sandwiches or going out to eat, and at least I've saved a *little* bit of money and felt like I've actually cooked.

    When I do that once a week--make one big meal on Sunday night, say--and eat out or eat junk the rest of the time, at least I feel like I've added a *little* bit of balance to my diet.

    (By the way, if you're wondering who I am, I'm a longtime reader of the column and just discovered a link to your blog from Hardy's. Also a friend of Sherpa on Linkup.)

  2. Stacer!
    Erin, She's a great girl, and a good friend of mine from Linkup.

    I guess I'm the anomaly. I like cooking, and enjoy cooking for myself-but the leftovers go to the roommates and lunches.


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