Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cousin Katrina's Wedding

Saturday was another big family wedding for the extended McBride clan. Katrina Skeen married JC Rice. My cousin Jonathan McBride was the wedding photographer, and trust me, he's good! You can check out J's amazing photography and Katrina's insanely photogenic portraits by clicking on the title to this entry, or by clicking here
http://jckm.smugmug.com/ . And be sure to see the cute picture of me making friends with baby cousin Annalisa (cousin Aprilanne's baby) here- http://jckm.smugmug.com/gallery/874364/6/39522122 . And my brilliance with decorating the getaway car unanticipated with chocolate frosting and mini marshmallows http://jckm.smugmug.com/gallery/874364/11/39547339 .

To my count there are now 34 1st cousins, 7 cousin in-laws, and 11 great-grandchildren in the McBride Clan of my generation. (It is highly likely that I am off by a person or two.) The oldest first cousin is Tamigene (we're excluding the in-laws here since I have no clue what their ages are), at age 32, and the youngest first cousin is Alexis Nicole at a mere four months. The youngest great-grandchild is Daniel Joseph, Tamigene's second boy, a mere few weeks. Its a big family, what can I say?
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