Thursday, October 13, 2005

From the Baby Sisty Ugler's Blog

I was perusing the Baby Sisty Ugler's personal website today and found something rather amusing on it. Something that would describe me perfectly, but instead, my sister has used it to describe herself. I'm greatly amused by the fact that something could be used to describe me at 30ish, that also describes her at 16. I would never have been described like this at age 16. I was far too insecure and not "me" yet back then. I love that Steph's got the guts to be herself so young. (Sorry, I won't be linking her website to this one since she is under 18 and I prefer to keep the creeps away from her. And I get the distinct feeling that some of you are a little creepy at times!)

Steph on Steph--

I Want A Guy Who...-Makes me laugh.-Opens doors for me.-Walks on the outside of a sidewalk so he can kill the the bad guys that try to steal me.-Isn't always too busy to drive across town to see me.-Treats me like a princess.-Hugs me when i'm sad.-Calls to make sure I get home safe.-A guy that actually listened.
Where are you boy???I am definately not your average chick. I enjoy activities in which most people find painful, gross, unethical, or risky. Actually most of it is but I have a high pain tolerance so I can't tell. I am by far the most random person you'll ever know. My randomness becomes somewhat predictable once you get to know me better. I get along with everyone unless they have a problem with me, then they end-up dying...

And in case you don't get the whole "Sisty Ugler" lingo, too bad. Its the McBride Sister code. Steph is Baby Sisty Ugler, Nats is Little Sisty Ugler, and I'm just the Big Sisty Ugler. I always felt we were being too nice to Steph when we stopped calling her Little Stink...

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