Saturday, October 29, 2005

How to Beat a Bad Mood

So I've had a headache, fever, and bad mood for several days now. I've been trying very hard for the last 24 hours to shake the mood off. I've done everything- retail therapy (can you believe i couldn't find ANYTHING to buy unnecessarily at Target??), Halloween party, shameless flirting, sunshine, physical exercise, trashy novels, and indulging in any food that struck my fancy. I even knitted and watched movies. And after 24 hours of intense mood rehab all I can say is I'm getting there. I'm far from Pollyanna, but I don't hate as many things today as I did yesterday, and that's gotta be worth something.

I did manage to find a Halloween costume. But I should preface that it fits my attitude problem. I will share what the costume is after I wear it to work on Monday.

In the meantime, I have another rant to share. (and then maybe a second one) There's a new TV commercial out there for Direct TV. It starts with a dad sitting on the couch, and his little boy jumping into his lap holding a book. When the boy sees that dad is watching football he immediately understands that no one will be reading to him now. But then- ta da- digital DVR to the rescue- and dad can pause his game to read. Except that he doesn't read to the boy. Instead the commercial continues with the magic loving feeling that comes from dad and son sharing the remote and the DVR. AAAGGH! What a great message being sent to the world! It is a cute commercial, but it drives me crazy that the message is not "turn off the tv and read with your kids." Instead the message is "our remote brings families together." GRRRRRRR!

Second rant. Men. (And I only do this because apparently people like it when I do.) Guy #1 knows its been a very rough week for me. He doesn't know everything that has happened, but that is because he hasn't asked. Part of me is irritated that he knows I could use a friend but instead he's choosing to be afraid of things like EMOTIONS. I suppose I get what I have coming on that one. I know he's absolutely terrified of those awful evil emotions, but still... Its just driving me crazy that I know he's worried about me, but he just doesn't want to ask cause he's afraid of opening Pandora's box. And you can't really blame him. But still... Does he get credit for letting me know in his own "special" way that he's worried about me and my bad attitude, or does he move back 3 steps for not having enough guts to approach me about it?

And thank you to the special few of you who have allowed me to rant, rave, and vent out my frustrations this week!


  1. Emotions == Evil.

    I think most men can agree on that.

    Myself, I prefer to live in my nice stable little world.

    Likes some kind of space alien.

    With pointy ears.

  2. At least he cares...points for that. Sometimes with guys, you just have to tell them if you want them to know. It's so frustrating that they're not like girls and won't just ask but oh well.


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