Thursday, October 20, 2005

i think i have the avian bird flu

the avian bird flu and you
i got up doing just fine this morning. at lunch i was doing just fine. i left work feeling a little haggard, but doing fine. by dinnertime i was miserable and exhausted. by 8 pm i had fallen asleep fully dressed and completely sick. this is the fastest acting sick i have ever had. it usually takes days to build up to this kind of misery. this was not the start to the weekend i was hoping for.

List Updates (who knew people cared so much for my non-existant love life?)
I continue to think men are not worth listing or labeling. Two days and counting. That may be a record for me. But in other news, someone has compared me to Charlotte from "Sex and the City." A Mormon Charlotte, or Charlotte without the sins. Interesting. Its funny though. I think she's way too romantic to for me.

Wow, I've been awake for 40 minutes and I'm already exhausted again. Back to bed for bonzo.

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  1. Anonymous1:00 AM

    Keep it simple silly. (KISS)

    You're "hot lips". A unique set of lips that are hot.


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